April 30, 2023


Roger Gregg is a renowned voice actor with a versatile range of vocal talents. Through his strong vocal abilities, Roger Gregg has brought various TV characters to life. Fans of his work and many aspiring voice actors alike are intrigued by his net worth. How much is Roger Gregg worth? Stick with us as we unveil the net worth of this renowned voice actor.

Section One: Who is Roger Gregg?

Roger Gregg is a multi-talented Irish actor, comedian, writer, and director. Many people recognize him as a voice actor known for his distinctive voice sound. He is an alumnus of Trinity College Dublin and in 1987, he founded CRAOL, the community radio initiative for Ireland. Gregg has won various accolades for his contribution to the arts, including the OZINGER AWARD for best radio drama writer at the 2016 HEAR NOW festival in Los Angeles.

Section Two: What is Roger Gregg’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Roger Gregg’s net worth is $1.5 million. This amount includes his earnings from voice acting, television, and his other creative works. Considering the diverse range of his skills, this net worth is not a surprise.

Section Three: How Does Roger Gregg Make His Money?

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Roger Gregg’s primary source of income comes from his voice acting career. He has lent his voice to various characters in animated movies, TV shows, and video games, which consistently earn him a significant amount of income. Additionally, Gregg has written and directed several films, which also contribute to his net worth.

Section Four: Notable Works by Roger Gregg

Roger Gregg has contributed to several notable works in the entertainment industry, notably in the voice acting department. Some of his remarkable works include “The Secret of Kells,” the award-winning show “The Simpsons,” and the famous video game “World of Warcraft.” His other works include writing and directing of films like “About Adam,” “Inbetweeners,” and “Fortycoats & Co.”

Section Five: Challenges Faced by Roger Gregg on His Career Journey

Just like any other person in the entertainment industry, Roger Gregg has experienced several challenges, especially during the earlier stages of his career. He may have experienced lack of job opportunities due to his niche voice, the inability to make ends meet, balancing his various talents on his schedule, and many other challenges.

Section Six: How Does Roger Gregg Spend His Money?

Though there is a shortage of information on how Roger Gregg spends his money, there are some indications that he lives a decent life. He is a lover of luxury cars and takes every chance to buy a new car or test drive his favorite luxury cars. He is also passionate about traveling, going to different places, and spending quality time with his loved ones.

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Section Seven: Lessons from Roger Gregg’s Success Story

One lesson to draw from Roger Gregg’s success story is that hard work, persistence, and resilience are non-negotiable elements for anyone seeking success, especially in the entertainment industry. Gregg has been diligent and consistent over the years, having honed his skills, ventured into various niches, and continues to explore his talent to the fullest.

Section Eight: Who Is Roger Gregg’s Role Model?

There’s no specific information regarding Roger Gregg’s role model. However, based on his personal characteristics, passion, and dedication, it’s essential to recognize that he must draw some inspiration and motivation from someone. From his works, it’s easy to deduce that his role models could be his predecessors in the voice-over industry.


Q1: Is Roger Gregg still acting?

Yes. Roger Gregg is still an active voice actor in the entertainment industry. Currently, he is working on several voice-over projects, some of which are yet to be launched.

Q2: Has Roger Gregg won any awards?

Yes. Roger Gregg has won several awards, including the OZINGER AWARD for best radio drama writer at the 2016 HEAR NOW festival in Los Angeles.

Q3: How did Roger Gregg get into voice acting?

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Roger Gregg got into voice acting when he was a young student at Trinity College Dublin. Later, he founded CRAOL, the community radio initiative for Ireland, which helped him venture into various radio dramas and further hone his voice-over skills.

Q4: What are some of the films or TV shows that Roger Gregg has written and directed?

Roger Gregg has written and directed several films, including “About Adam,” “Inbetweeners,” and “Fortycoats & Co.”

Q5: What does Roger Gregg enjoy doing when he’s not acting?

Roger Gregg enjoys spending time with his family, driving luxury cars, and traveling to different parts of the world.

Q6: How did Roger Gregg balance his various artistic talents while building his career?

Roger Gregg balanced his various artistic talents by creatively scheduling his weekly routines to allow him to accomplish his projects without compromising his work quality.

Q7: Who are some of the voice-over actors that Roger Gregg has worked with?

Roger Gregg has worked with top voice-over actors, including Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Dan Castellaneta.


Roger Gregg is a highly successful voice actor, writer, and director who has made a mark in the entertainment world. He has earned a net worth of $1.5 million from his various artistic ventures, including voice acting, directing, and writing. His remarkable works, challenges, lessons, and success stories stand as testimonials to his hard work and persistence. To aspiring voice actors out there, Roger Gregg’s story is a testament that acting is more than just a talent; it demands hard work and dedication to one’s craft.

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