June 20, 2023


Margot Greville was a name synonymous with style and elegance back in the early 20th century. She was an aristocrat known for her grandeur parties, opulent lifestyle, and her immense collection of art and antiques. However, she was also a philanthropist who dedicated her time and wealth to support various social causes. Over the years, Margot Greville amassed a massive fortune through inheritance and marriages. In this blog post, we delve deep into Margot Greville’s life, her net worth, and her assets in 2021.

1. Early Life & Education

Margot Greville was born as Margaret Helen Anderson on June 11, 1869, in Jersey, Channel Islands. She was the daughter of Alexander Anderson and Emily Murray. Margot was raised in a wealthy family and received a private education in France and England.

2. Marriages

Margot Greville married twice in her life. Her first marriage was to Ronald Greville, a British Army Officer, in 1891. The couple didn’t have any children, and Ronald died in 1908. Margot then married Hon. Henry Hope Edward Francis Moreton, the 4th Baron of Ducie, in 1915. Baron Ducie passed away in 1924, leaving Margot a considerable fortune.

3. Inheritance

Margot Greville inherited her first substantial fortune from her father, Alexander Anderson. Anderson was a self-made millionaire who made his wealth in the cotton trade. Margot inherited £20,000 from her father upon his death in 1888. After the death of her second husband, baron Ducie, Margot inherited a fortune of approximately £5 million, equivalent to over £300 million in today’s value.

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4. Art and Antiques Collection

Margot Greville was an avid art collector and amassed a vast collection of European art and antiques. Her collection consisted of hundreds of pieces, including paintings, furniture, and sculptures. In her lifetime, Margot donated her entire collection to the nation to be displayed in the house she purchased, which became a museum.

5. Philanthropic Work

Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Margot Greville was a philanthropist at heart. She supported various social causes, including the National Children’s Home and the British Red Cross Society. In 1926, Margot established the new year cottage at Polesden Lacey in Surrey, which is now a training center for the National Trust.

6. Net Worth

It’s difficult to determine the exact net worth of Margot Greville in 2021, primarily because she passed away in 1942. However, reports suggest that her estate was worth around £5 million at the time of her death. When adjusted for inflation, Margot’s net worth would be over £300 million in today’s value.

7. FAQs

Q1. How did Margot Greville make her fortune?
A1. Margot inherited a considerable fortune from her father’s business dealings and marriages to wealthy men.

Q2. What was Margot Greville’s art collection?
A2. Margot’s collection included hundreds of European art pieces and antiques, including paintings, furniture, and sculptures.

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Q3. Was Margot Greville involved in philanthropic work?
A3. Yes, Margot dedicated much of her time and wealth to support various social causes.

Q4. How much was Margot Greville’s estate worth at the time of her death?
A4. Reports suggest that Margot’s estate was worth around £5 million, which is equivalent to over £300 million in today’s value.

Q5. Did Margot Greville have any children?
A5. No, Margot didn’t have any children from either of her marriages.

Q6. What social causes did Margot Greville support?
A6. Margot Greville supported various causes, including the National Children’s Home and the British Red Cross Society.

Q7. Where is Margot Greville’s art collection displayed?
A7. Margot’s entire art collection is displayed in the house she purchased, which became a museum, in the UK.


Margot Greville was a woman of immense wealth, style, and grace, who also dedicated her life to support philanthropic work. Her extraordinary collection of art and antiques, her opulent lifestyle, and her philanthropic deeds are still remembered to this day. While her net worth is difficult to pin down in 2021, Margot’s legacy remains as an example of how one woman used her wealth for good.


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