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September 1, 2021

The tyre measurement can be found on the wall of any tyre, in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, or on a label in the doorframe, or even on the gas cap. You may also browse by car reg, which will bring up a list of tyre measurement possibilities for you to choose from.

Description of Tyre Dimensions

Width: The first three figures on the sidewalls show the width. Wide Tyres Milton Keynes provide more grip, but they can also generate a lot of traffic noise.

Profile: If you divide the height of the sidewall by the tyre’s width, the result is named as the aspect ratio.

Rim: A wheel rim is what remains after the tyre has been removed from a wheel. Because the diameter of the rim and the breadth of the tyre can differ somewhat, the two measurements are listed individually.

Speed ratings

The speed classification is a symbol that represents the highest velocity at which any tyre can support the burden indicated by the maximum load rating. A “V” grade, for instance, can withstand speeds around 148 mph.

The maximum load index indicates how much load the tyre could bear at the speed specified by the speed classification symbol. 

Extra Load: Certain vehicles need tyres with a greater load rating and, as a result, a larger inflation level. This data is provided on the sidewalls and is labeled as XL or RF

Runflat: In the case of a pressure drop, these tyres have strengthened sidewalls that bear the car’s load. The ‘Self-Supporting’ Rubber Innovation is most usually observed in BMWs, and it allows you to resume your trip with a blown tyre for approximately 50 miles at the speed of 50 mph.

How to Determine the Measurement of the Tyres?

Your car’s tyre width is present on the sidewalls of the present tyres and in the owner’s manual To guarantee a suitable fit, only purchase new tyres with the correct measurement. When you glance at the wall of your tyre, you’ll notice numbers. This is the size of the tyre.

Just read numbers from bottom to top; the numbers correspond to the many aspects discussed previously.

For instance, if the technician inquired about the tyre’s rim width, it would be indicated on the wall like R16 and R17. As a result, you may say the tyre is 16 and 17 inches in diameter.

If you’re dealing with a specialist, try reading the tyre measurement and they’ll be able to tell you which size you want and recommend the best tyre for a particular driving type and cost.

What is the meaning of speed rating?

The vehicle will function smoothly if its tyres are kept under control shape, that’s why knowing how to manage the tyres will assist you to be safe on the highway.

What effect does the speed rating have on my car?

It is worthwhile to invest in a decent pair of tyres that are appropriate for the car since this will improve the car’s grip and provide you better braking power.

Installing tyres with the incorrect rating is hazardous since the car’s steering motion will be out of rhythm with the operator. The values of all 4 tyres should be the same; if they aren’t, the steering will push more to the left side. Keep in mind that you should not travel faster than the lower-rated tyres.

It is critical to have the appropriate tyre rating for the manner your car performs and to feel more in command of the vehicle.

Where could you observe the speed rating?

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Your speed rating is printed on the wall of the tyre. More data regarding your tyre, such as the diameter and loading index, can also be found here. As a result, the load factor, which is the greatest quantity the tyre could bear, is used to determine the rating.

What is the definition of a speed rating?

The top velocity that a tyre may easily navigate is determined by its speed rating. Technicians must perform a variety of actual tests to ensure that a car has the proper tyres installed. Whenever new Summer Tyres Milton Keynes are developed, they are put through rigorous testing to ensure that they can securely travel at high velocities.

Your car is lawfully eligible to be on the highway and secure for you as the operator. So, taking care of the speed rating is necessary to ensure your safety. 


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