October 18, 2022

The online, gambling and casino is the best way to have fun and make money online. 메리트카지노 suggests and have laid some strategies for you that can help you win the next game of roulette.

  • Know the types of bets

We have already talked about simple bets, but it is not the only type of bet we can make. You can place multiple bets or announced bets, also known as advanced roulette bets, each with its variations; and if you want to know how to win at casino roulette you should know all the bets and their payouts. This will allow you to optimize your betting strategy, covering a percentage of numbers that makes it easier for you to win the game.

  • Roulette strategies

There are countless roulette strategies. Each one has its pros and cons, but you should be clear that there is no infallible method to win at roulette. You have to be very methodical to execute the strategies that we will explain below to the letter, and generally, we need a large bank to implement them:

The Martingale: we play 50% by making simple bets, for example on red or black. The lost bet is doubled until it is right, when profits are obtained, and it is reduced if we have won. You have to repeat the same bet once after another to be effective.

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The D’Alembert method: similar to the Martingale, it consists of adding a unit to the bet after a lost game and subtracting it if we have won. Again we will always have to repeat the same simple bet.

Fibonacci: an Italian mathematician designed a number sequence that adds the last two digits to obtain the next one (1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55). Moved to roulette, you have to pay the sum of the previous two on each bet. It is very risky and dangerous for your bank.

James Bond: method 007 consists of playing € 200 betting € 140 on the numbers 19 to 36, € 50 from 13 to 18 and € 10 to cover 0. You can win € 160 (0), € 100 (13 to 18) or € 80 (19 to 36), but also lose the € 200 if the winning number is between 1 and 12.

Beyond these strategies, we have the reverse option. For example, in Reverse Martingale the winning bet is doubled and the losing bet is reduced; and in the method against D’Alembert, we add a unit if we win and reduce it if we lose. Both these and the rest of the strategies have their flaws, and we should know them before betting.

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Once again, it should be emphasized that roulette is a long-term game, we cannot limit ourselves to thinking about immediate returns. Moreover, in the beginning, it is possible to lose money, since we still do not control all the parameters of the game, but little by little you will begin to recover and win money with roulette a Casino Site. Along the way, you will find obstacles, and constant losses are something unsustainable that should make us reflect on the situation and our roulette strategy.




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