September 23, 2021

The reward and recognition system has been a psychological thriller for a long time. The school of thought on how rewards influence human behavior shows a positive effect. This principle is not different from having incentives and rewards for the staff in your organization.

Rewards and Recognition


There are a lot of ways you can encourage and appreciate your employees. The most popular method for valuing outstanding performance is issuing trophies and awards. However, there are numerous means to show recognition, such as public recognition, words of affirmation, and point systems. Giving rewards and employee recognition has myriad benefits. Below is a list of some of those amazing benefits.

Creates a Company Culture You are Proud of


A company’s culture is an approach you use to fulfill your company’s mission statement to both your clients and staff members. The organization’s culture is crucial to your brand’s identity and company’s products. It is important for your staff to feel good while working. Acknowledging their efforts even verbally can be very motivational.


Your employees need to feel valued and seen by the leadership and their peers. It would be best to keep in mind that a good paycheck doesn’t compensate for a horrible working environment. You can introduce contests among peers and reward the winners with trophies. The best thing is that you can shop for all your trophies and awards in an online shop.

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It is a known fact that a well-engaged employee is more productive. The employee is also proactive in working efficiently. To ensure your employees remain engaged, you can simply offer praises such as verbal affirmation when deserved. Gifts and bonuses can increase the motivation of your workers as they work hard to receive recognition and gifts.



If your company records a high turnover, it may cause low morale among the employees. You lose valuable time and money when you have to schedule regular training for new staff. The more staff you lose, the more difficult it becomes to retain your staff. Therefore, by devising a program of regular promotions and reward systems, you can reduce your organization’s voluntary turnover rate.

Loyal Staff


Reward and recognition programs inspire in your staff an emotional attachment to the company. When your employees feel happy and seen in the workplace, they become fully engaged in its success. A content employee will positively and enthusiastically promote and sells your company’s brand and product. Let your employees feel like their output is crucial to your company.

Enjoyable Workplace


Most employees feel that reward and recognition improve their working environment. A fast-paced and result-oriented workplace produces high stress and resentful feelings, especially among peers. Using gamification and a point system for recognition can foster positive relationships among co-workers. Moreover, a united workforce can produce outstanding achievements.

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Appear Attractive to Ambitious Job Seekers


You may not need new members in your company, but your company will grow. An expanding firm needs more recruits to handle the ever-growing workload. By building company culture with an excellent reward and recognition program, you get the best applicants. Further, you get the advantage of having the first pick of the top-drawer candidates. Good employers prioritize ethics and values over paychecks.

A Sense of Belonging


Where employees report feeling less engaged at work, there is a recorded lower production rate. Employees need to feel they belong to their workplace as much as they feel when at their homes. There are many ways to ensure your employees feel a sense of belonging when at work. You can use leader-to-peer or peer-to-peer recognition programs to make everyone feel included and important.

Job Satisfaction


Trophies and awards can go a long way in making people feel satisfaction. The rewards represent an achievement to an employee. When your employees constantly see good work being rewarded, you will notice more input and beneficial professional relationships budding into success. Always have rewards that let the employee feel like they are making a difference. Correcting mistakes too can help the employee feel better about themselves and the company.

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There are many benefits from appreciating your employees. They need to, first of all, feel good about themselves before they become productive. How your employees feel about their jobs links directly to the company’s success.




Author name-Zoya Maryam



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