May 12, 2023

Inner strength can be a great asset for you, not just in times of hardship, but when you need to persevere to meet goals for your personal growth and development.
The strength you embody doesn’t just have to be physical, but can be emotional as well. Emotional strength can be more than just an abstract concept, but we often overlook itas a necessary skill to survive and thrive.

Our ideas and definitions of emotional strength differ from person to person and depend on our individual value systems. For some, emotional strength can mean the ability to process your emotions and self-soothe. Whereas for others, it can mean being able to control your emotions.

What is self-healing?


Is it possible to control your emotions? Not all the time. Especially when you’re undergoing a traumatic or life-changing event, it’s not always possible to be able to predict your reaction. Similarly, self-healing can be somewhat unpredictable, but you can take certain steps to set the process in motion.

The human mind is a complex and interesting subject. It needs exercise, rest, and recovery just as much as any other muscle in our bodies. However, social conditioning has compelled us not to prioritize our mental health and strength.

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Not being able to deal with your emotions should not, in any circumstance, be considered a weakness. But sometimes it feels like that’s holding you back from being able to become the best version of yourself. Part of working on your goals and ambitions should incorporate ways to heal yourself and become emotionally stronger.

Understanding what healing looks like can seem complicated. It’s not always as pretty as they portray it in movies and not something you can always look at with rose-colored glasses. Healing can also be painful growth, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

It means feeling at peace and reducing the noise of inner conflict. It can also mean being able to understand and accept your situation in life. For some, it means being able to listen to your intuition and having the guts to follow your instinct.

Let’s explore a few tried and tested ways that some people have used to become stronger and more holistic beings.

Listen to your body


There are different signs and signals that your body sends when you’re stressed out. Mental stress and overload start to show in nervous twitching, various aches in the body and repeatedly falling ill.

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Notice a pattern in the way your body is reacting and the impact it’s having on you. Don’t dismiss certain ailments as coincidences and factor in emotional distress as a cause as well.

More importantly, when your body sends you these signals, listen to them, and take action. This is your body and mind’s way of telling you that you need to slow down and relax.

This can mean taking a mental health day or a vacation. If you can’t afford to take a vacation, take a few days off work to focus on yourself and honor your body’s needs.
Eat good food, read a book you love, watch something that makes you laugh, or spend quality time with a loved one.

You need to recharge to be able to do the next thing.

Embracing the pain


Once you’ve accepted that you’re in fact stressed, it’s time to do the hard work. Confront your pain and where it’s coming from. Are you running away from something? Your job, relationship, or other internal issues like mental health problems can sometimes be a source of your worry and concern.

If you’re not happy with your situation in life, ask yourself why that is so, and what you’d like to change. Forget about the things holding you back from making the decision, and envision the ideal situation that you’d want for yourself.

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Only you can realize what the best outcome for yourself is. And once you do, you can take the decision to go for it.

Keep your social circle small and intimate


Being able to take that step can be daunting, but it’s important for you to have a support system for yourself to be able to make the decision. A close and intimate group of friends who know what you’re going through and provide emotional support helps significantly.

Focus on your physical health


This might seem counterintuitive but a healthy body can help you work towards a healthy mind. Regular exercise has positive physiological effects on your body and can put you in a better mood. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t address your issues.

Going out for a run, a hike in the mountains, taking a fitness class, or just working out at home can help you feel better about your body. This will make you feel more prepared and can be a good distraction.

Yoga can help you stretch your muscles and your mind by allowing you to meditate and be at one with your thoughts. It also helps you balance out the energy in your body and become more able to listen to your body!

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Journal your feelings


There is something empowering about being able to communicate your feelings. For some people, talking to a loved one or a professional can help. But some of us like to find creative outlets for them.

Writing down your feelings and thoughts can be cathartic and help you find a release for your emotional distress. It might seem uncomfortable at first, because you might draw a blank, but give yourself space and time, and carry a journal with you. Whenever you feel like you have a profound thought, write it down!

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