August 28, 2021

Gel nail manicures are a luxurious pleasure for many people. Going to a salon and walking out with beautiful, chip-proof nails that would last for weeks seems like the most accurate achievement of luxury. Regular salon appointments, on the other hand, become time demanding and costly. Fortunately, you don’t need to visit a manicure salon to have beautiful gel nails; you can do it yourself.


If you are wondering how you can save without compromising on your nails? Well, there are a variety of at-home nail kits available that bring the nails to you and pay for themselves after only one or two usages. These kits vary in quality from professional to novice, and many of them include exciting extras like glitter, jewels, and fashionable colors to add to the enjoyment.


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What Are the Best and Affordable Gel Nail Kits on the Market?


Gel manicures are more trendy than ever before due to their simplicity. Instead of settling for damaged nails, invest in a gel manicure kit and make your customized gel nails at home. Some of the best gel nail kits present in the fashion world are:


  1. Red Carpet Manicure Pro Kit


Most people who own Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish Pro Kit value it, and their line of UV lights look like anything you’d see in a professional manicure salon. You can rejoice since this gel nail kit also works like salon equipment.


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A pre/post mild cleanser, eraser, base layer, final coat, one gel nail paint, cuticle lotion, adhesion disinfectant (to clean the nail before applying your base coat), a UV light, and preparation tools are all included in the Pro Kit. Although the multi-step mani may seem daunting at first, each step has a purpose and contributes to beautiful nails; therefore, you shouldn’t miss any.


This UV light has a timer and heals nails in approximately 45 seconds. It takes roughly around 20 minutes to finish the procedure. It takes a little longer than the other UV lights, but the final effect is impressive, so you’ll admire Red Carpet Manicure’s meticulous attention to detail.


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  1. Zoya Gelie-Cure Base Pro Kit


The Zoya Gelie-Cure Base Pro-Kit places a premium concern on nail health. The package includes a moisturizing rescue serum and a repair foundation to smooth any ridges or separations, as well as a variety of other items to help thicken and nurture nails.


The Gelie-Cure Naked Gelie coating, the first demi-gel multifunctional gel composition of its type to reach the market, is also included in the package. It’s applied over Zoya’s Repair Base before drying, and it clings to both the base coat and the recovery serum for high shine, bendable, fileable, and break-free finishes.


  1. Candy Lover Gel Starter Kit



For those short on space, consider this Candy Lover Gel Starter Kit, which includes its storage container which holds it all in the set, along with the 36W LED nail light.


You may like how the storage box has an organizer tray and contains the complete kit, allowing you to store it in a cupboard or under the mattress when not in use. It benefits the user by keeping all of their materials in one location.


It includes 12 polish colors ranging from delicate spring pastels to sparkle to intense reds and even dark shades. With the standard base and top coats, you also receive a matte topcoat, which effectively doubles the number of colors available.


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  1. Butter London’s PureCure Kit


The most challenging thing about having a synthetic manicure is, perhaps, peeling the nail paint off. Butter London’s PureCure Peel-Off Gel Polish kit removes that hassle with its two-in-one upper and bottom coat formula. The 12 shades of prep and premier polish eliminate the need for coating and an acid cleaning by making the color detachable by peeling. All you have to do here is gently pull the polish up from the fingernail with your thumb or a cuticles driver and gently take off the hardened layers.


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The brand’s curing light has a professional feel about it. The bright LED bulbs are incredibly intense and do not produce any UV rays. This gadget itself is large enough to fill your whole hand evenly. Even though the upper and bottom coat is only appropriate with Butter London gel finishes, you may use the light with other gel formulations.


  1. AzureBeauty Gel Kit


If you don’t have the patience to rest under a low-powered light, go with this Azure Beauty Gel Nail Package that includes a considerable 84W LED nail bulb. It hardens gel quickly so you can have your nails done quicker.


The package comes with six shades of gel in mid-size ten-milliliter vials. There are two color schemes to select from, and both are very balanced: Greys, which are all creamy, and dark brown, which contains ivory and two sparkle colors.


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In conclusion


Gel paint is becoming more inexpensive, while UV/LED nail lights are becoming smaller and more economical. You can even get a gel nail kit for less than the cost of a single gel manicure from a professional these days.


You’ll have to invest in the initial expenditure for the apparatus and watch a few instructional tutorials to get the feel of the procedure if you avoid the salon. Still, you’ll save a hefty amount of money in the long run.


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