August 18, 2021

Brochures are undeniably crucial parts of any business. It is quite popular and 79% of small to medium sized enterprises use brochures to grow their business. Brochures are an outstanding marketing material and are being used for quite a time. 


But using eye-catching and meaningful brochures is the key. Piles of pages with little relatable information are of no use. You can easily create brochures that stand out and fit into your target audience interests. Using online brochure template tools is an amazing option. Let’s find out, top 5 brochure template tools for 2021- 

  1. Designhill Brochure Template

Desinghill is a well known designing platform used for lots of designing purposes. You can create logos, flyers, brochures, birthday cards, business cards, catalogues, t-shirts, and much more. Designhill is one of the best brochure makers available online. 


This is a free tool that allows you to create eye catching brochures in a matter of a few minutes. Desinghill brochure template & tool is an AI powered tool which makes brochure designing so easy, quick and interesting. 


For  creating stunning designs, select a brochure template that fits your needs and interests. After that, you can customize it according to your business demand. You can alter images, text, fonts, color, graphics, layout, etc very easily. The library of this tool is huge and filled with thousands of images ready to be used. You can even use custom images of your own to personalize your brochures. 


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After completing designing, you can download the documents in pdf, jpg or png formats in just one click. You can even share it on social media platforms easily. 

  1. Adobe Spark 

Another best tool for creating brochures is Adobe Spark. It is used for multiple designing purposes and one of them is brochure designing. Adobe Spark is one of the best tools to create beautiful and informative brochures. 


It is so easy to create professional looking brochures on Adobe. Even people with little knowledge of designing can create impressive brochures. So, you do not need to be a designer to create professional materials on Adobe Spark because of the low learning curve. 


After completing your design, you can save it and even come back to work later on. Or you can share it with your team and work on it together. It is so easy to share your work directly on social media platforms too. 


Here is how you can use Adobe Spark to create eye catching brochures- 

  • Select dimensions- First of all, select the shape and size of the brochures you wish to design. For this, go to My Projects and select the brochure template that fits best to your needs. Then set the dimensions of the template. You can change the dimensions of your template any time while designing. 
  • Select a Theme- Go to Themes and then choose the theme that you feel is the best according to your needs. Each theme has its own editing tools. You can change colors, text, font, layout, design elements, and possibly anything you want. 
  • Add your own elements- You can select the stuff available on Adobe platform any time. But if you wish to customize brochures a little, you can add your own images, icons, fonts, etc. 

  1. LucidPress Online Brochure Maker 

So, the next brochure maker tool on our list is LucidPress online brochure maker. LucidPress has loads of free as well as premium brochure templates, leaflets, pamphlets, or handout templates. You can use these brochure templates to create attractive brochures in very little time. 


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Other than using pre-designed templates, you can also go for a basic method. Get a blank canvas and let your creativity do all the work. You can choose various features offered by LucidPress to create stunning and attention grabbing designs. 


It is so easy and simple to create brochures with this platform. Use the drag and drop method to add text, images, clip-arts, graphics, etc. You can even use custom images or fonts in brochures. 


This online brochure maker is expert in creating eye-catching and sleek displays for computers. Keyboard shortcuts are also supported with this platform. 


The brochures can be exported in png, pdf or jpg formats. You can share it over Google Docs, YouTube, DropBox, Facebook, Flickr, etc. You can make changes in the document at the same time as your team members. LucidPress makes it so easy to work and collaborate. 


  1. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is quite a useful and interesting brochure maker. This brochure designing software helps create stunning brochures. This software has made it so easy to create brochures to promote business or events. You can design the layout of brochures and share or print in just a few minutes.


This tool is equipped with numerous brochure design templates that you can choose from. There are plenty of them available for a variety of occasions. Select any brochure template that fits your needs. After that, you can easily customize it for your business or any event. You can change images, text, colors, font, layout, etc of the brochure template. 


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SmartDraw also allows you to share your designs with others and get feedback. With SmartDraw Cloud, you can work on the same brochure together with your team. You can also export your designs to other platforms like Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or Powerpoint. 


  1. Canva Brochure Maker

Canva brochure maker is an amazing and outstanding tool. It has such a low learning curve that anyone can easily master this tool. 


This platform is equipped with amazing features to create beautiful and clear brochures. You can use the drag and drop method to create brochures that stand out. You can create brochures that interest your target audience. 


Simply drag and drop images, fonts, clip-arts, animations, graphics, etc from the toolbar onto your canvas. Canva library is equipped with millions of images, banners, icons, frames, grids, stickers, colours, etc. You can even use loads of pre-designed templates on Canva.


All of this stuff is totally free of cost to Canva users. The premium version costs $1 per premium image that you use. You can even upload your own images on Canva for designing. 


After you are done with designing, you can export your documents in the form of pdf documents.  You can print them in high quality resolution easily. Also, the documents can be simply shared over social media platforms using the share button. 


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