November 2, 2021

As the supply chain of the freight forwarding companies is increasing, the customer’s expectations regarding the fast deliveries are also changing quickly.

With the advancements of eBay and Amazon, customers prefer to purchase their products online. This is because they can receive comfortable delivery at the time of the pandemic.

Due to the shift of customers’ points of view towards shipping, getting your goods from one location to another within time is extremely essential for the success of businesses. Despite the size of your business, if you make mistakes while shipping your products through freight forwarding companies, it will affect every aspect of your business.

Therefore, you need to pay extra attention while using freight forwarding services to ship your products. Even though, excellent customer service is important for your company, shipping mistakes will damage it. Here are the top 4 freight shipping mistakes you should avoid at any cost.

Listing Incorrect Address

Even though this point might seem obvious enough to avoid, many business owners still make mistakes with their shipping addresses while using the online freight marketplaceThis mistake will cost you money and delay the shipping process.

If you list an incorrect address, your will end up delivering the goods to the wrong place. Therefore, you need to track it down and deliver it to the appropriate address again. This will increase re-routing fees, missed deadlines, and ultimately, make your customers unhappy.

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Irrelevant Packaging

This is one of the most common freight shipping mistakes you need to avoid. Improper packaging might damage the products that will ultimately irritate the customers. As per various reports, most of the time the structural integrity suffers minor damages during the entire shipment journey. But if the boxes are packed correctly, you can minimize the damage.

However, if your goods are not packaged properly for the freight shipment, the risk of damage rises. Additionally, keep in mind that different goods require a different type of packaging depending on the weight, size, and fragility. Even if you use proper packaging, make sure the goods are connected to the pallet perfectly.

Incorrect Weight Class Listing

Even though it’s an integral part of the Bill of Landing, make sure you create your listings correctly.

Many people guess the weight of their shipments without using a weight machine. This is another common freight shipping mistake that will cost you additional fees.

As lower-class comes with lower fees, many shippers list their shipments in the lowest tier possible. If they get caught, the reclassification fee will be much higher than the original fee. This will also damage your reputation.

You Don’t Take Freight Insurance

To reduce the freight shipping costs, shippers avoid insuring their shipments. Cutting the cost might seem beneficial, but you’re putting your goods at huge risk. As per Chrobinson, cargo insurance is extremely important to protect your goods from multiple risks.

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Your shipment might end up running into some disaster that will damage your goods. It may be theft, overturned truck, accident, or natural disasters, these problems are capable of ruining your shipment if you don’t have insurance. Additionally, you also need to consider human errors.

However, if you pay a little more money to insure your goods, you don’t have to worry about sudden damages that could pose a financial threat to your business.


These are the top 4 common freight shipping mistakes you should avoid. Make sure you work with a professional and reputed freight forwarding company to avoid these mistakes. They will also help you to keep the freight costs as low as possible.


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