February 24, 2022

Weaves are among the most popular hair extensions in the market today. They are crucial for black women. Weaves hair can be made from human hair or synthetic hair. Since weaves come in various lengths, densities, and colors, it can be pretty tricky to choose the right one.

So if you are planning to buy a weave, you may not know where to start from, especially if you are buying a weave for the first time. To make it easier for you, we give you some of the top factors you need to consider when buying a weave. This way, you will easily find a weave that will complement your facial features and enhance your beauty.

  1. The quality of the weave

When buying a weave, one of the top things you should pay attention to is the quality. If you want value for your money, then it is crucial that you buy a high-quality weave. A high-quality weave will look natural and blend in with your natural hair. A weave made from human hair is more long-lasting compared to synthetic weaves. While human hair weaves, closures and frontal are more expensive, but they are durable, look natural, and will give you a high value for your money. Unfortunately, nowadays, some hair brands mix human hair extensions with synthetic hair. So be on the lookout for that. Make sure the weave has a uniform natural color, and it has no irregularities.

  1. Pay attention to the texture
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Before you buy your weave, it’s good to assess its texture. Again, since human hair weaves are expensive, some brands tend to package their synthetic weaves as original hair. So if you are not familiar with weaves, you may end up buying a synthetic weave at a higher price. The texture of a human hair weave should be soft and not silky. They shouldn’t have a coarse texture either.

  1. Your face shape

You also need to consider your face shape when buying a weave. Certain weaves will look good on certain face shapes more than others. There are different face shapes, including oval, round, heart, rectangular, square, etc.  To determine the shape of your face, you need to measure the length of your face, forehead, and cheekbones. Knowing the shape of your face can help you choose the right weave that will complement your facial features.

  1. Consider your lifestyle

Again, think about your lifestyle when choosing a weave. Are you an active person? What kind of environment do you work in? Is your work labor-intensive? Your lifestyle can determine the weave you buy. If you spend most of your time at the gym, a short weave is ideal for you. And if your job is labor-intensive, you shouldn’t get a weave that is too heavy that can make you sweat profusely.

  1. Get the right length
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Weaves generally come in various lengths. Whether you are looking for a short weave, medium weave, or long weave, you can easily find it. To pick the right length, 16 inch, 24 inch, or 30 inch hair, consider your style. Are you into short, medium, or long hair? Again, your lifestyle will also determine which length of weave you will choose. For instance, as said above, if you have an active lifestyle, short or medium weaves are the perfect option.

  1. Choose the right color

Additionally, weaves come in various colors to suit everyone’s needs. Some of the most popular weave colors include black, maroon, chocolate, brown, red, etc. However, if you want your weave to blend in well and look natural, it is best to choose a color that is close to the color of your natural hair. If you are new to weaves you can go for colors, such as black and brown, but as you get used to weaves, you can go for daring colors, such as maroon, red, etc.



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