April 10, 2023


Have you ever heard of Tom Greer, the infamous homeowner who fought back against burglars in his house in Long Beach, California? His story garnered national attention and left many people wondering about his net worth. In this blog post, we will uncover the net worth of Tom Greer and explore his background and the events that led to his fame.

Who is Tom Greer?

Tom Greer is a retired electronics equipment salesman who has lived in the same house for over 20 years. He is described as a kind and friendly man who is well-liked by his neighbors. Before the incident that made him famous, Tom was leading a quiet life with his wife.

The Infamous Break-in

In July 2014, Tom Greer was confronted by two burglars who broke into his house. Tom, who was in his 70s at the time, fought back against the intruders and shot both of them, killing one and injuring the other. The incident made headlines across the country and sparked a debate about self-defense laws and homeowners’ rights.

The Legal Battle

After the shooting, Tom Greer was initially cleared of any charges. However, the surviving burglar sued him and Tom had to fight a lawsuit for over a year. Eventually, the lawsuit was settled, and Tom was able to keep his house and assets.

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What is Tom Greer’s Net Worth?

There is a lot of speculation about Tom Greer’s net worth, but the exact amount is not publicly known. Some estimates suggest that he may have received a significant amount of money from donations and media appearances, but there is no reliable source to confirm this.


Q: Was Tom Greer able to keep his house after the shooting?

Yes, Tom was able to keep his house after the shooting. Although he had to fight a lawsuit, he eventually settled and was able to keep his assets.

Q: Did Tom Greer face any criminal charges for the shooting?

No, Tom was cleared of any criminal charges after the shooting. However, he had to fight a civil lawsuit for over a year.

Q: Did Tom Greer receive any donations after the incident?

There are no reliable sources to confirm whether Tom received any donations after the incident.

Q: What was the outcome of the lawsuit filed by the surviving burglar?

The lawsuit was settled after over a year of legal battles. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed to the public.

Q: What sparked the debate about self-defense laws after the incident?

The incident sparked a debate about self-defense laws because Tom Greer, who was in his 70s at the time, took matters into his own hands and shot the burglars who had broken into his house.

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Q: Was Tom Greer retired at the time of the incident?

Yes, Tom Greer was retired at the time of the incident. He had worked as an electronics equipment salesman before retiring.

Q: Did Tom Greer suffer any injuries during the break-in?

No, Tom Greer did not suffer any injuries during the break-in. He was able to fight back against the burglars and protect himself and his property.


Tom Greer may not be a public figure anymore, but his story still captures people’s attention. Despite the legal battles he had to face after the shooting, Tom was able to keep his home and assets. While we don’t know the exact amount of his net worth, Tom Greer reminds us that our homes are our sanctuaries and that we have the right to protect them.


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