March 30, 2023

How Much is Laurel Gregory Worth? Discovering the Secret Fortune of this Popular Journalist

Have you ever wondered how much money journalists make? One of the most popular journalists in Canada is Laurel Gregory, who has been delivering the news for over two decades. With a career spanning many years, it is no surprise that the question on many people’s minds is; how much is Laurel Gregory worth? In this blog post, we’ll discover the secret fortune of this popular journalist.


Laurel Gregory is a name many Canadians are familiar with. She has been a journalist covering top stories in Canada and beyond since 1997, with a focus on the health beat, crime, and social justice issues. She is also a mother of two, a public speaker, and an author. With such an extensive career, it is natural to wonder what her net worth is.

Section 1: Laurel Gregory’s Early Life and Career

Laurel Gregory was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. She graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Journalism degree. She started her career in 1997 as a television reporter at Global Saskatoon. She then moved to Edmonton to work for Global Edmonton, where she worked as a producer for CTV Edmonton. Fast forward to today, and Laurel is now a popular journalist at CBC, where she has been working since 2013.

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Section 2: How Much Does Laurel Gregory Make Annually?

According to various sources, Laurel Gregory’s salary at CBC ranges from $80,000 to $119,000 a year. This is a respectable sum of money, considering the high cost of living in Canada, especially in the major cities. Her annual salary has allowed her to invest in real estate and build her net worth.

Section 3: Laurel Gregory’s Net Worth

Laurel Gregory’s net worth has not been publicly disclosed. However, we can estimate her net worth based on her salary and her assets. Based on her career spanning over two decades and her investment portfolio, it is estimated that Laurel Gregory’s net worth is over $1 million to $3 million dollars.

Section 4: What Are Laurel Gregory’s Assets?

Laurel Gregory owns multiple properties in Edmonton, Alberta, including a million-dollar property in the historic Glenora neighborhood, acquired for $1.2 million in 2016. Gregory’s property ownership extends beyond her home in Glenora, owning multiple condos in downtown Edmonton as well. Other assets that she has acquired over the years include stocks, bonds and mutual funds, which have only added to her net worth.

Section 5: What Kind of Car Does Laurel Gregory Drive?

Laurel Gregory drives a 2017 GMC Yukon, which is a luxury SUV with a starting price of around $50,000. This is a stylish and practical choice for a busy journalist and mother of two.

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Section 6: Is Laurel Gregory Involved in Philanthropy?

Laurel Gregory is a strong advocate for social justice and has been involved in various fundraising activities for non-profits. She has been involved with the MS Society, the Canadian Women’s Foundation, and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region. She is also a prominent supporter of the YWCA and has been a guest speaker at their annual Women of Distinction awards.

Section 7: What is Next for Laurel Gregory?

With a successful journalism career, a solid net worth, and philanthropic efforts, Laurel Gregory’s future looks bright. She continues to cover top stories in Canada through CBC, balancing her family and work life. With her involvement in social justice, it would not be surprising to see her expand her philanthropic efforts even further and become a mentor to younger journalists.

Section 8: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is Laurel Gregory’s net worth?

Laurel Gregory’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $3 million dollars.

2. What is Laurel Gregory’s annual salary at CBC?

Laurel Gregory’s annual salary at CBC ranges from $80,000 to $119,000.

3. What kind of car does Laurel Gregory drive?

Laurel Gregory drives a 2017 GMC Yukon, which is a luxury SUV.

4. What philanthropic activities is Laurel Gregory involved in?

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Laurel Gregory is involved with various non-profits, including the MS Society, Canadian Women’s Foundation, United Way, and the YWCA.

5. Where does Laurel Gregory live?

Laurel Gregory lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

6. How long has Laurel Gregory been a journalist?

Laurel Gregory has been a journalist since 1997, covering top stories on the health beat, crime, and social justice issues.

7. What is Laurel Gregory’s professional background?

Laurel Gregory has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Regina and has worked for multiple television stations as a producer and reporter.


Laurel Gregory is a successful journalist who has worked hard to build her career and net worth. Her investment in real estate and philanthropic efforts have only added to her success. While her net worth may be a secret, she has undoubtedly created a solid foundation for her family’s financial future. Whether continuing to cover stories or expanding her philanthropic efforts, the future looks bright for this talented journalist.


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