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August 25, 2021

 You must have come across advertisements that show that applying for a “lifetime free credit card” is possible, and then you think what all of it might mean? What do the credit card companies have in it for them? And a cloud of thoughts come hovering in your mind. 

Free credit card apply is not a bizarre idea; it is real; if you use your credit card prudently, there’s a lot for you in it. You can make the most out of the credit card offers

 The charges that you have to pay

Annual fee: You will not find a single credit card that does not charge a yearly fee. But, with time, as you keep using the card daily, the charges are waived off once you reach the minimum spend amount. However, if you choose the Bajaj Fiserv Platinum plus FYF SuperCard, the annual fee of Rs. 999 will not be levied upon you for the first year.

 Also, you will get a lot of pocket-friendly and super convenient features that you can’t ignore, such as zero-interest ATM cash withdrawal, a fast EMI conversion system, and more. Note that most credit cards in the market impose transaction fees if you take out money from an ATM with your credit card. Bajaj Fiserv Platinum plus FYF SuperCard is different. 

Coming back to the point, if you know how to use a credit card correctly, have a good credit score, and pay off the bills on time, then the bank might waive off the annual fee for life, just for you. So, the bottom line is for a free credit card apply, you must be an authentic card user to continue enjoying the benefits from excellent credit card offers

Finance charges: The interest will be imposed on you if you choose to settle all the due payments after the statement due date. Know that any credit card offers a grace period of 25 to 50 days providing credit free of interest. To be on the safe side, you can always pay your bills within the grace period to avoid finance charges.

Other charges: Depending on what sort of a credit card user you are, there may be additional charges you have to pay. For instance, suppose you go for credit card cash withdrawal from an ATM, or if you surpass the credit limit or misplace your card and want another one from the issuer, you must pay other charges that will be calculated in all these situations separately. But suppose you are a responsible user and know the correct way of using the credit card, pay bills on time, and use the credit card only to pay for online and offline purchases then you will be free of any additional debt that might become a matter of concern for you in the long run.

You might ask: If a lifetime free credit card is for real, then what do the banks have in it for them? 

You have a legit question, and the answer is simple: When you use a credit card to pay for a product, a specific percentage of the payment goes to the bank that has issued your card. The bank earns a significant amount of its revenue from merchant fees. By now, you must have got a fair share of the idea that using a credit card intelligently can help you get it for free for a lifetime.

Bajaj Fiserv Credit card offers

  • Personal loan on available cash with minimum interest levied.
  • Zero-interest ATM cash withdrawal.
  • Milestone rewards
  • Free access to the airport lounge
  • Fuel surcharge waiver
  • Convenient EMI conversion
  • Make payments without making contact. Tap to pay up to Rs. 5,000.


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The process of “free credit card apply” is very straightforward. Be responsible and enjoy the benefits for a lifetime. In case of any confusion, do check with your bank because credit card offers are so attractive that you cannot go a day without them. Credit cards help you a lot, Credit cards help you to fulfill your dream also you can pay your payments and other bills from this. You can pay your bills in easy EMIs installments. Bajaj Fiserv giving you a secure credit card where you can use your card online easily.


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