December 18, 2021

There are lots of do’s and don’t when it comes to firearms – some being safety-related and others concerning the function of equipment. However, one that often gets overlooked is the way in which you store your Federal 9mm ammo. The thing is, if you don’t store it properly, you’re pretty much throwing dollars down the drain.


So, to help you, we’re going to cover a couple of tips that you can use to ensure you’re not wasting any of your money.


Moisture is not your ammo’s friend. It does not necessarily have to come into contact with your ammo to damage it either, as all it takes is the cardboard boxes they’re in to become slightly damp – and bingo, you’ve got yourself corroded cartridges.


Don’t Store Them Just Anywhere


What we have to say at the start is that simply putting your new box (or boxes) or ammo straight onto the floor in your garage or into the attic is a great way to damage them. While it might not happen straight away, you can end up with corroded and discolored rounds before you know it.


Many gun owners don’t keep their Federal 9mm ammo in an airtight container, which unfortunately means that corrosion is almost inevitable. Ideally, you’ll be using an ammo can, but that’s not strictly necessary, as any air-tight container will do. A good rule of thumb is to use a container that would keep food fresh – as it essentially will do the same thing for your bullets.

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Use Silica Pouches to Reduce Moisture More


For an added touch, if you have any spare silica pouches that have been given to you in electronics purchases, they will help you to keep the moisture in your ammo can down to the absolute minimum. All you need to do to refresh their absorbent qualities is pop them in the oven for a few minutes to dry them out and you’re good to go.


Another point of note is that you need to be keeping your ammo away from extreme temperatures – especially when talking about heat.


The Effects of Poor Ammo Storage


One of the factors behind why so many people neglect the storage aspect of owning Federal 9mm ammo is that they don’t truly understand the damage that it can cause. A compromised cartridge won’t work as well, so you can expect misfires, failure to eject and all those frustrating stoppages that occur down at the range.


What’s more, the gunk that’s found on corroded ammo can rub off and gunk-up the inside of your gun, leading to a big clean-up job.


The same storage measures need to be implemented when talking about primers for those like to reload, as you’ll find that they might otherwise perform poorly or not at all.

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Follow These Rules & You’ll Be Fine!


You pay good money for Federal 9mm ammo because you want it to work. Follow these rules and it will when you need it to.



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