Leave In Hair Conditioner
August 13, 2021
A common question that comes up, especially during the summer, is “Will leaving the conditioner in my hair affect my hair dye?” The short answer is yes. But it depends on the type of hair dye and what conditioner you’re using. Read on for more information about this topic.

Leave In Hair Conditioner

Will Leave in Conditioner Affect Hair Dye?1. How Does the Leave-in Conditioner Affect My Hair Dye?


If you dye your hair, you probably use a conditioner to make sure it stays healthy. But what if you use too much conditioner? You might be surprised to hear that there’s such a thing as too much conditioner. The so-called overdone conditioner debate has become quite the talking point in the beauty industry. So much so that Estée Lauder has come out with multiple ads with actors either wearing too much conditioner or stating their love for a particular brand that uses clean ingredients and “superior styling to silk and conditioner alone.” Whether you believe in the debate and prefer a self-proclaimed clean aesthetic or believe that any conditioner over the top is overdone, you should learn how much conditioner to use in your hair. The more hair conditioner you use, the less visible your hair dye will be. Therefore, wearing a dirty hair colour combo is hot right now, but staying safe is the most important part.
Leave In Hair Conditioner will not harm your hair colour. Most brands caution against having too much conditioner, so you don’t want to go overboard. If you have straight hair, the amount of conditioner you should use is somewhere between that of straight conditioner and volumizing shampoo. That means, if you have fine, straight hair, choose between 2–4 pumps of conditioner, depending on how curly your hair naturally is. (If you have tropical or curly hair, you’ll need more conditioner!) The amount of conditioner you’ll use depends on how much hair colour you’re using and the brand you’re using.
Some brands recommend choosing a different brand than you normally would if you do leave the conditioner in. (Other people have used avocado or coconut oil in place of conditioner.) However, this is not a good option considering how important it is that you maintain a healthy mix of hair products in your hair.


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2. Does It Matter What Type of Conditioner I Use?


The conditioner you use can make a big difference in how healthy your hair looks and feels. If you leave the conditioner in your hair for a time, you might notice the colour changes already, but if you use a hair dye, you might not. This has to do with the volatility of the dye. If you’re using a hair dye with a shorter drying time, the conditioner goes on and stays on longer. If your hair is already dyed, the dye evaporates from your hair after you add conditioner. Plus, some dyes are meant to leave your hair colour — not modify it. The chemical reaction between the dye and oxygen in the air causes your hair to darken at certain points in your body. The lighter the areas, the more drastic the change, so that’s what conditioner gets you.
But wait, why is leaving the conditioner in my hair important? Hair dye is a fun way to spruce up your day. Taking a close look at your hair allows you to find the set of curls that makes you look great. If you leave the conditioner on and let your beauty routine run its course, you can get a complete scalp look right before bed. If you are still confused about whether conditioner will affect your hair dye, read on. If your hair dye leaves your hair shiny while you’re using conditioner, it can affect how radiant your hair will look over time. All shampoos and conditioners leave behind slickness and texture. If your shampoo leaves your hair looking a little dull, this is your sign your hair colour has not been fully saturated and no amount of conditioner will fix that oomph.


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3. Will Leave In Hair Conditioner Wash Out My Colour and Make My Hair Dye Last Longer?


The short answer is no, you don’t have to leave the conditioner in. Leaving it in will not wash out your colour, and there’s no evidence that it’ll make your hair dye last longer. If you leave the conditioner in, the dye may transfer onto other products you use, like cosmetics, and there could be a concern that your hair dye could damage your skin, and in extreme cases, your eyes. First, when cleaning the area after dyeing, make sure that there are no oils or residue from other products that could transfer onto the hair dye. Second, if your hair dye has any grime or dirt in it, it’s best to rinse it off — especially if you’ve just used it.
There are no safety guidelines for leaving the conditioner in if you’ve just used a hair dye (combusted hair dyes are a different story), but there are case studies that show it can work (even for children), so if you’re happy about using it, try leaving the serum in.
It depends! Depending on the type of hair dye you’re using, there may or may not be a problem! The main factors are whether your hair is naturally curly or straight, the product you’re using, and the temperature of the room your hair is/has been in for the last 24 hours. You can always put hair dyes on straight, naturally curly hair at warmer temperatures and wavy, naturally straight hair at cooler temperatures, but there’s not much evidence to show that straight-wire hair dyes work better in warmer or colder temperatures. Regardless of the place, it’s been, straight strands of chemically treated hair should be detangled before leaving the salon. Treating curls with hair dyes can make them look thicker, shinier, and burnished, so if you must leave them in, you should detangle and shape straight hair before doing so.



4. What Should I Do if I Want to Leave in a Light Conditioning Treatment by Itself?


If you want to use a light conditioning treatment by itself, it’s best to layer it on at night. You don’t have to wash your face in the morning if you don’t want to, but you should use a light moisturiser in the morning. Some conditioners can cause bleeding if you use them on the tops of your hair so it’s best to use one that contains fewer ingredients than your regular hair conditioner. It’s also a good idea to search for products under “light” or “medium” textures. These types of conditioners will give you more sheen on your hair and maybe less drying on you. But if you’re giving in to wanting to wear your hair dye at night, it’s best to find a gentle conditioner that won’t make your hair too shiny.
It’s common to see dark circles under your eyes after using a lot of solutions in the evening. Eyeballs can sometimes take hours to re-open once you’ve taken some heat for sleep. Eyeballs don’t respond well to heat so you don’t want to apply a conditioner that will reopen them. It can be tempting to boil water to get clear watery eyes, but if you’re giving in to want to wear your hair dye at night, you don’t want to strip the colour from your hair. A conditioner with a short canalic patch will help reduce the redness or discolouration of your eyes much better than heating your skin with a conditioner.
When boiling water helps clear your colouring, you can choose to wear your hair dye from that point forward. If you’re using a dark colour and it’s getting darker as it cools down in the evening, you’d be much better off putting on a medium moisturiser before bed so that you can control how much your hair gets dampened if you don’t want your hair to look shinier in the evening. Another option is to put on a light moisturiser the night before.

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