May 23, 2022

Before getting to the part about why you should design a seamless employee onboarding process one should be clear about what Employee Onboarding Process is? The hiring process is in turmoil right now, every person wants a job as per their specialization and every organization is a start-up or an MNC wants the best choice of an employee with the best skills they require. The number of candidates wanting a job is more than the number of people required. So how do you find a solution in midst of this havier situation?


You need to develop the most suitable but stronger onboarding process. The onboarding process is bringing new hires into the organization, it is longer than an orientation process. It starts right from the time a candidate has accepted the job offer through training to the point where he fully understands the responsibilities and duties to perform.


Since we know what Employee Onboarding is, let us further proceed to the original purpose of this article, i.e, why you should design a seamless onboarding process?



  • The onboarding process is nothing but integrating the new hires with the organization and guiding them as to what the organization is all about, and what are its beliefs, values, visions, and mission. The onboarding process is where a new hire acquires knowledge and skill to become a productive member of the organization. So it is necessary to have an effective onboarding process and a Saas Onboarding Software helps with exactly that.
  • Onboarding is the most crucial process for an employee because they have just entered the workplace and to feel committed to their work, it is important for HR to provide an interactive onboarding experience so that they feel comfortable and sense of belonging. It is when they feel belonged they work well, self-developing along with increasing the success rate of the organization. Also, it costs more to hire someone new and provide them with an onboarding process and then online training. It is also a time-consuming process so it is important to provide the employee with a good onboarding experience.
  • It is important for the new employees to feel that the organization to them which later creates engaged employees. An engaged employee is the one who is dedicated to the organization, they give their everything to their work because they believe in the organization and feel committed to it. This also helps in employee retention. Better employee engagement leads to better profits, therefore, creating revenue as connected new hires perform better.
  • Since you know that the job description that is put out doesn’t explain the details of the job, the onboarding process act as a transparent bridge that bridges the gap of information. It prevents miscommunication or misunderstanding of what the organization expects from the employee and the employee from the organization. The onboarding process is not only about formal sit-downs but also helps in creating a bond between the employee and the organization through managers. A seamless employee onboarding leads to job clarity as communication makes them understand their role as employees.
  • A good onboarding process reduces employee turnover. If an employee doesn’t feel welcomed or feels like an outsider, they would not prefer to work in that organization, and even if they do it won’t be a whole-hearted work. The consequence of this would be that employees would switch from that organization which only costs the organization more as it does not matter if an organization has to hire one person or 40, the cost of hiring a new employee will be expensive.
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Finding the best employee for your organization is essential but so is retaining that employee. Being a new employee can be very stressful so the employer must lighten up the environment by designing an impeccable Employee Onboarding Process. Onboarding is the foremost process of employee onboarding and entering into a new organization this is why it is important to make new employees feel connected to the organization.




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