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August 16, 2021

By blending your product packaging with imagination and ingenuity, you can effectively boost your sales and revenue. Due to their wide variety of flavors and incredibly delightful taste, ice cream cones are among the few most popular desserts.

Due to the high level of consumer demand for the product, the market is very competitive. Numerous manufacturers sell ice cream cones in a variety of flavors, and if you are one of them, one way to differentiate yourself is with custom cone sleeves. Custom packaging enables you to innovate with the packaging and tailor it to the specific needs of your consumers. It will assist you in advocating for your brand most effectively.

Waffle cone sleeves imprinted with your company’s logo help create an identity for your goods and brand in the market. Additionally, having high-quality cone sleeves improves the experience by preventing their ice cream cones from spilling.

custom cone sleeves
custom cone sleeves

Cone sleeves are an excellent way to simplify and enhance the ice cream eating experience. However, these cardboard sleeves for ice cream cones are available in several materials. You should use any material that is appropriate for your product and meets the needs of your customers.

Here are some of the most widely used types of cone sleeves:

Paper cone sleeves:

Usually, these cone sleeves are constructed from Kraft paper or magazine paper. You can customize these cone sleeves however you like. For example, you can add your logo to the sleeves or die-cut them in various shapes to further improve the look.

Additionally, you can choose between shiny or matte coatings to give your cone sleeves a polished look. These waffle cone paper sleeves are simple to make and inexpensive.

However, the best feature of these cone sleeves is that they can be effortlessly customized to suit the serving size of your ice cream cones.

custom cone sleeves
custom cone sleeves

Cardboard Cone Sleeve:

If you want to protect the waffle cones from damage, cardstock or thin cardboard sleeves work perfectly. These are 100 percent recyclable and contribute little to the environmental waste. You may use custom cardboard boxes, which are the strongest shipping boxes.

Moreover, you can design these cardboard sleeves with the assistance of packaging firms that specialize in wholesale cone sleeves printing. Add pop-up colors and eye-catching prints to these simple cardboard sleeves to make them more attractive.

You can use gold or silver foiling on these cardboard sleeves to improve their appearance. Cardboard is an excellent medium for printing various inks and patterns. This ensures that you can print something on these sleeves to pique the consumer’s interest. Additionally, you can customize cones to match the style of any case. Ice creams are well-known as desserts at children’s birthday parties.

As a result, you can use customized packaging to turn these ice cream cones into perfect birthday gifts. You can customize the sleeves by printing graphic pictures of any character. You can mold them into various shapes and sizes to match the proportions of the ice cream cone.

Aluminum cone sleeve:

Aluminum sheets are another common material for ice cream cone sleeves. These cone sleeves outperform all other materials in terms of durability.

The aluminum cone sleeves are more environmentally friendly than plastic ice cream cone sleeves.

Plastic Cone Sleeve:

Plastic cone sleeves are another common material for cone sleeves. Although they are more durable than ice cream cone covers, they lead to increased plastic waste.

Kraft paper cone sleeve:

If you want to practice sustainable manufacturing, the kraft paper cone sleeve, which is packaged in cardboard boxes, should be your preference. The cardboard boxes assist in preserving ice creams in refrigerators for an extended period of time.

Cone sleeves paper with foil:

These cone sleeves are widely regarded as one of the better coverings for ice cream that will protect it from dripping. The aluminum coating on the paper foil makes it very solid and lightweight at the same time. For any occasion, you can purchase retail cone sleeves made of paper and foil to give your cone ice cream serving a distinctive and elegant appearance. Moreover, if your event has a theme, you can customize the ice cream cone sleeves. These sleeves can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes to match the ice cream inside.

Printed logo design for added benefits

Another fascinating plan thought is to utilize full shading printed sleeves for your frozen yogurts. The logo of your image will be imprinted on each frozen custard sleeves. Alongside the brand logo, you can get a great deal of other data. On the off chance that you need to print the data on the frozen yogurt flavor, you can do that. The most awesome aspect of this plan thought is that the brand logo stays there. The extra data is added, turns out to be essential for the plan. It doesn’t eliminate the logo imprinted on the cone sleeve. Along these lines, you get numerous advantages with this plan that are:

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Printed brand logo will promote your frozen yogurt brand

Extra data will assist you with drawing in your clients

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