September 27, 2022

End Fantasy is known to many console players due to the game plot and the popularity of the project in the distant 2000s. The developers were inspired by the success of World of Warcraft and tried to launch their MMO game franchise, which will attract many players.


What a Newcomer to Final Fantasy Can Do


  • Pumping
  • Activities
  • Travels
  • Flying




The world of Final Fantasy has its own leveling format, closely connected with the quest system.


Features of quest leveling are that the character not only receives the necessary levels by completing the task, but also follows an interesting storyline, the passage of which will take more than 100 hours of active game time.


The main feature of the project is that having created a game character, you will always see him in all videos in the appropriate outfit. This is done for the effect of personal presence and the influence of the character on the development of the game plot.


Of course, content is not limited to moving from quest to quest. The character can level up on monsters, engage in professions that also require leveling and just relax in the project, or even order ff14 boost and play right away with the maximum level.

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The game provides a lot of activities that are aimed at distracting the player from the boring aspects of pumping and game variety that will help you relax and do interesting things.


The game has professions in the style of World of Warcraft and other interesting activities:


  • Ore mining
  • Collection of herbs
  • craft
  • Music
  • fashion show
  • Casino
  • Mahjong


Ore mining


There are many deposits of ore and other minerals scattered around the game world, but unlike other projects, Final Fantasy offers players an interactive way to obtain resources – each action is accompanied by a small mini-game and the reward and its amount depend on the correct fulfillment of the conditions. The ore mining skill is pumped separately and looks like a system for obtaining levels.


Collection of herbs


There are many herbs and flowers scattered throughout the game world that can be collected for later use.


Herbs and flowers play a big role in the collection and sale, followed by the creation of potions of various directions and first aid items.


Of course, the profession is not mandatory for execution and study, but the skill of extracting such important resources will always be useful to the player in order to provide himself with useful potions and have healing tools when hunting monsters.

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The creation and implementation of game items and various types of armor always plays a key role in all MMO projects, and where developers neglect the development of crafting, an outflow of players most often occurs.


Creating things leads to three activities – collecting ore and alloying it into ingots, crafting things for your own character, expanding server economic opportunities by filling the market with armor from different price segments and different qualities.




Music has a special role to play in the game world of Final Fantasy. Players can not only master various musical instruments, but also play any compositions that they wish and are able to perform on them.


The project maintains a system of notes that corresponds to reality, so if you find the manual for playing your favorite song and do it right, other players will hear the music in all its glory. You can play in the squares and alone, the game does not limit your gameplay and craving for creativity.


Fashion show


In special locations for recreation, you can occasionally even meet fashion shows in which any character can take part. The player wears beautiful armor and demonstrates the skills of a model walk and charisma on the podium in front of other characters.

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With the accumulation of fatigue from game pumping and completing quests, you can always go to a gaming casino and risk honestly earned gold in an attempt to multiply it and have a good time.


Both classic gambling games and purely gaming ones are available to choose from – for example, dodging AOE damage, where players are eliminated from the field until one winner remains.




Mahjong is the Japanese analogue of the well-known domino. Players collect combinations of flowers and fruits to win on the playing field.


Usually there are a lot of players at the tables and matches take place almost around the clock. Finding opponents is not difficult.


Victories will bring game gold and just enjoy the game.



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