October 21, 2021

Also known as online marketing, digital marketing means advertising and promoting your brands through digital channels, like social media, websites, search engines, mobile applications, and emails. These online media channels are used by businesses to endorse their services, products, and brand. With such rapid technological advancements and automation, consumers depend heavily on digital means to look for the required products.

According to Think with Google marketing insights, 48% of consumers start their research on search engines, 33% look at brand websites, and 26% on mobile applications.

If you wish to gain an in-depth understanding of digital marketing, its tools, and its importance, you can learn digital marketing by joining a course. You can learn tools like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, and more by working on real-life projects and by resolving case studies.

Advantages of digital marketing

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  1. Cost-efficient

Digital marketing allows you to regularly track campaigns and reduce the amount of money you are wasting on a channel that is not demonstrating a high Return on Investment (RoI). With digital marketing, you have full control over where you want to invest. A properly planned and implemented digital marketing campaign will reach the targeted audience at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods.

  1. Measurable results

The right digital marketing strategies allow you to track your results with web analytics and other online metric tools. You can see accurate results in real-time. This makes it easier to identify how well your campaign has been performing, and you can measure the ROI of any aspect.

  1. Personalization

Digital marketing allows you to offer a personalized experience to your users. You can do the same by greeting a user with targeted offers whenever they visit your website. You can refine your customer profile as they buy more and more from you. Then,  you can market effectively to them.

  1. Improved conversion rates

Digital marketing is seamless and immediate. Your customer does not even have to get up or make a phone call to purchase something; they are simply just a few clicks away.

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Components of digital marketing

  1. Paid Search

Also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), paid search means sponsored results on the top of a search engine results page. As the name suggests, you are charged for every click. These advertisements can be customized to appear only when certain terms are searched; this makes your ads audience-specific. They are very effective as they depend on data obtained from customers’ online behavior. They include retargeting, which means marketing automation tools can design unique, personal cross-platform ads.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is defined as the process of improving the content, reach, and technical setup of your website so that your page appears on the top of the search engine results whenever someone searches for something using certain specific terms. By making use of keywords and phrases, you can use SEO to enhance visibility and start a long-term customer relationship. While paid search and retargeting are also very useful, you can earn organic online traffic only through search engine optimization.

  1. Content Marketing

The main purpose of content marketing is to educate and inspire users who are seeking information. When you provide your users with relevant content, they start seeing you as a thought leader and a trustworthy source of information.

  1. Social media marketing

Having an active social media account is not enough. To create as many peer-to-peer sharing opportunities as possible, you need to weave social elements into every characteristic of your marketing efforts. The more your audience is engaged with your content, the more they will share it, and the more they will inspire those around them to become your customers too.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is one of the essential components of digital marketing as mobiles are constantly checked throughout the day. You can reach your customers on their mobiles through MMS, SMS, and in-app marketing.

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Digital marketing streamlines and automates marketing tasks and workflow, measures and tracks results, and calculates the ROI of your digital campaigns. There are also several marketing courses that teach you about the components of digital marketing in detail. Digital Marketing provides valuable insights into programs that are effectively working and those that are not working.



Q1: What are the 5 Ds of digital marketing?

Ans: The 5 D’s of digital marketing are digital data, digital devices, digital technology, digital media, and digital data.

Q2: How can you become a good digital marketer?

Ans: To become the best digital marketer, attend as many networking events as you can learn from digital marketing entrepreneurs and brands, stay updated on the state of digital marketing, practice continuous learning, and connect with like-minded people.


Q3: What is the salary of a digital marketer?

Ans: According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a digital marketer is $122K annually.




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