November 20, 2021

Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Once ingested, the body uses an enzyme called lactase to break down this sugar so that the body can absorb it.

People with lactose intolerance lack this enzyme, which makes their bodies react negatively when they ingest lactose food.

However, even without being lactose intolerant, there are numerous benefits to a lactose-free diet. Discover some of these here.


Less Bloating

One of the things you will notice once you cut off lactose is less bloating. Bloating happens when the GI tract is filled with gas or air.

The GI tract runs from the mouth to the anus and includes the entire digestive system. When bloated, you feel like you have had a large meal, and there is no more room in your stomach. This makes the belly feel tight and uncomfortable.

If you cannot imagine giving up your lactose-based creature comforts, it helps to know that there are numerous tasty alternatives. For example, if you love yogurt, try lactose-free probiotic yogurt every time you get a yogurt craving.


Clearer Skin

Milk and other dairy contain hormones that react with your hormones. This can lead to an increase in sebum production, leading to clogged pores, which is bad for the skin.

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On the same breath, milk also contains high sugar levels that can raise your insulin levels. Higher insulin is linked to acne development.

Eliminating lactose in the diet leads to a notable change in your skin, and you expect clearer more healthy-looking skin.


Your Thinking Becomes Clearer

Milk and dairy products have a protein called casein. Alongside lactose, casein can cause an adverse reaction affecting the brain.

This often leads to irritability and confusion. Other studies have linked dairy to low folate, which can cause foggy thinking.

Going off lactose can help you think much more clearly, which might lead to increased productivity.


Lower Hormone and Antibiotic Exposure

Dairy products often contain residual antibiotics and hormones. Antibiotics are used to treat cows and steer them clear of infections, while hormones are administered to increase milk production.

Dairy consumers then inject these as they take their milk. Once you opt for a lactose-free diet. You also minimize your exposure to hormones and antibiotics.


Weight Loss

Dairy contains high levels of saturated fats and sugar. Both of these aid weight gain. Think about ice cream, cheese, and flavored yogurt.

Research has linked sugar to weight gain time and again, with people looking to lose weight being advised to lower their intake or eliminate sugar altogether.

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By eliminating dairy from your diet, one of the things you might notice is weight loss. This is attributed to less sugar and saturated sugar intake.


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