January 24, 2022

Bettas are beautiful fish that have become popular pets in recent years. They cannot live with other fish because they need a lot of space and cannot be put into an aquarium with other types of fish. However, many different types of animals can be kept alongside bettas for companionship or as food sources. This article will explore some options for what type of animals you could keep with your pet betta.


Can two betta fish live in the same tank?


Yes, betta fish can live in the same tank as long as they are both females. Males cannot be kept together because it will result in fighting and possibly the death of one or both males. Females do not fight with each other, so this is an option for people who want to buy multiple bettas from shops or online who are looking to betta fish for sale.


Can you put two male Betta fish in the same bowl?


No, male Betta fish should never be housed together under any circumstances. They will start to fight heavily until there is only one left standing, which almost always results in the death of at least one if not both animals involved. This situation also often ends up killing all-female Bettas that were being housed alongside the males as well.


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Can Betta fish and other tropical fish live together?


No, tropical fish like tetras and guppies should never be housed with a Betta because they will not get along. Bettas are predators that eat both small invertebrates and smaller fish, so it would put these types of animals at risk to house them in the same aquariums or bowls with your pet Betts. Instead, you can purchase feeder fish from most pet stores that sell bettas for food purposes but do not keep those specific species of exotic pets together under any circumstances.


Many people ask how many little fishes can I have without my big guy eating all of them up. There is no set number on this one either, as it is really just a trial and error experiment to see how many you can keep with your Betta without them being eaten. Remember that these animals are predators, so they will eat smaller fish or invertebrates if given the opportunity.


What other types of animals live well with Betta?


Snails, small shrimp, nerite snails, and ghost shrimp make Betta great tank mates because their larger counterparts cannot eat them. These simple creatures provide good company for your pet as long as you don’t mind checking up on them once or twice daily to ensure there aren’t any problems between them, such as one eating another, which happens more often than not in some cases, unfortunately.


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Fish can be companions to bettas, but there are some things you should know before adding them. If the fish is a larger species with teeth or sharp spines, make sure it doesn’t have access to your Betta’s tank at all times. Bettas need space from other creatures, and they prefer small tanks where they feel safe enough not to swim in circles because of anxiety. You also don’t want too many fish in one aquarium if you plan on keeping a Betta as well – this could lead to algae growth which will cloud up the water that your pet needs for survival.



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