August 16, 2021

There are outfits and musical motifs that never go out of fashion, songs with a ‘right’ rhythm that always come back to mind as well as garments capable of crossing historical eras unscathed. From sneakers to leggings, passing through women’s fanny packs.

And the same can happen with certain web content which, in practice, never gets old. Yes, in short, we can consider them real ‘evergreens’.

They are publications designed and set up in such a way as to be always useful and not contextualized over time. There is an in-depth study phase that anticipates their launch on the net and which takes place through a specific activity that takes the name of SEO copywriting.

It is essentially the combination of good writing and search engine optimization: undoubtedly decisive within a correct and successful content marketing plan.

An evergreen content, by its very essence, is and will always be able, potentially, to offer exactly the information that the typical reader is looking for.

We need to start by taking stock of a key element that is to say whether that particular topic will always arouse the interest of the public.

To create an ‘evergreen’ article you will have to start from user searches in relation to a certain ‘keyword’, perhaps with the help of specific tools such as SeoZoom and Semrush: the goal is to understand what is the level of global interest in a certain theme.

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Unlike what happens with an article that contains news, or with a post that becomes viral because it is relaunched on various social networks, – for which, after an initial surge, there will be a physiological decline in interest – evergreen content will always remain on the crest of the wave .

It does not aim to leverage the emotional aspect connected to the subject matter, but goes straight to the point: it gives information, satisfies a curiosity, and offers tutorial-style advice.

Some examples of topics for evergreen content

It is essential to avoid including in an evergreen content all those details that may be susceptible to aging, such as dates, laws and concepts that could be overturned even within a few days.

The advice is to always analyze general issues, cleaning the text from too technical terminology that would risk making the user jump to another site. The main objective remains to create contents of absolute quality and originality, which will be able to be remembered better.

The more thorough and precise the initial analysis phase, the longer the life of that article will be over time.

To give a concrete and frequent example of an evergreen content, just think of the universality of the recipes: that dish will always be cooked in the same way, regardless of the time that passes. They do not need real updates, although it will still be possible to add new products or suggest the use of additional ingredients, perhaps offering the user useful and complementary advice to surprise him.

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The general trend is respected: they are contents that do not have to do with current events and news, they can serve today as well as in a more distant future regardless of the actual publication date.

Among the examples, in addition to the recipes, there are also the ‘educational’ posts, since training is an ‘evergreen’ topic about which there is a constant need for answers and insights.

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