July 16, 2021

Godrej is one of the first companies in India that offered refrigerators to Indian consumers. Since 1958, Godrej refrigerators have been delivering fresh foods to Indian households. The 120 years old brand provides a vast collection of refrigerators in different price ranges. But, overall, the price is quite affordable, and the products are “value for money”.

The new age Godrej refrigerators are equipped with advanced features, proper cooling technology, and better space management to ensure you can keep everything fresh and offer a healthy meal to your family. The modern godrej double door fridge models are a good investment and come with many advantages. Here are some of the plus points of buying a Godrej fridge. Maybe you’re after something smaller to fit in your man cave? There are lots of great branded coolers available such as a Great Northern bar fridge.

Better cooling with cool shower technology

 The modern refrigerators from Godrej now offer better cooling results and keep foods fresh and refrigerated for days without hassle. The air vents are strategically placed in optimal heights. This ensures that each item gets proper cooling. The new age and advanced cool technology provide excellent air release through the air vents in different directions. The dual cooling fans then circulate the air through the refrigeration and freezer compartment. Hence the air is circulated correctly, and the foods remain fresh with proper cooling air.

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 Refrigerators come with chilly turbo mode for instant cooling

The new age Godrej refrigerators come with specialized Turbo Chilly mode. This innovative system instantly offers faster cooling inside the fridge to ensure you get 50% faster cooling.

Advanced LED lights for better energy consumption

The latest Godrej double door fridge and other refrigerators have energy-efficient motion-sensing LED lights. Three lights are thinner and offer an energy-efficient lighting system. It is unique and emits less heat, and prevents cooling loss. Due to this, the refrigerator can maintain its optimal temperature. Besides that, the lights also consume less electricity and cut down unnecessary energy consumption.

The premium and flagship models from Godrej come with another added feature. These models come with intelligent motion-sensing lights that can sense movements inside the refrigerator. Hence, the section which you are using only lights up as you open your fridge.

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Just the Right temperature   technology for longer cooling retention and effective cooling

Indian households have various kinds of foods, and each food and the raw item is unique and requires unique cooling. Hence, Godrej has introduced the Just Right Temperature technology in their premium model. This innovative tech offers cooling according to the food type. The refrigerators are divided into different sections like chiller (for drinks, milk, and dairy items), fridge (for food items), pantry(for cakes, cookies, and other food items) to ensure optimal cooling. Each of these zones gets distinct cooling to ensure the temperature remains in the ideal range and the foods remain fresh for a longer time.

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Besides that, the sir lock system locks the cooling air properly and prevents air loss inside the Godrej refrigerators. Thus, it minimizes cooling loss and helps in retaining the temperature.

Better bacteria control

 With Godrej double door fridgeyou can get fresh food minus the attack of bacteria. The latest models from Godrej have silver nano-coating inside the compartments. The cooling air carries the silver ion from this nano-coating and prevents the bacteria from growing inside the refrigerators. In addition, the silver ion kills the bacteria by blocking their respiratory system.

Besides that, an Anti-B technology-enabled gasket kills any dwelling bacteria of the stored food. Thus, it ensures the foods retain their nutritional value, and there is no bacteria accumulation inside the fridge.

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Rust-proof body

The modern Godrej fridges come with a rust-proof body to ensure the refrigerator lasts for a long time. However, due to the hot and humid Indian climate, often the refrigerator suffers from rust which increases the chance of food contamination.

The latest models come with Zinc Oxide Protection technology, and the body is made with pure galvanized steel instead of rolled steel. This prevents rust from damaging your refrigerator and keeps it rust-proof for a long time.

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Long and reliable refrigerators

Godrej offers reliable refrigerators which last for a long time. The pure galvanized body ensures the fridge stays longer without any corrosion or rust. Besides that, the fridge offers reliable performance for years and ensures you get a durable product.

Hence, if you plan to get a Godrej refrigerator, you can check out their latest double door and flagship models before choosing your ideal fridge. These models come with all the advantages mentioned above and last for a long time while offering you fresh and hygienic food every day.

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