November 2, 2021

Every year millions of shipping schedules change. It makes shipping far more challenging for both exporters and importers. For all parties in the supply chain, it could be extremely costly and difficult to manage vessel delays. Freight forwarders should have the latest sailing schedule. In a perfectly normal world, package delivery should take place on time and without any delays or issues. However, on some occasions, shipping delays may occur on liner services worldwide. It is an indication that carriers often fail to call the vessels promptly on time. According to some prominent business leaders and economists at CNBC, shipping backups at some of the large ports in the United States and the resultant price surges and goods shortages are least likely to be resolved until 2022.

Shipping carriers are responsible for mastering schedule planning. They could focus on improving schedule reliability and efficiency by implementing different stratagems like using the chase stratagem or avoiding unreliable ports. Shipping staff or the human factor is an integral factor impacting schedule reliability like the sense of commitment and dedication to performing their responsibilities. For instance, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town remained closed on many occasions because of employee strikes that resulted in further schedule unreliability.

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With perfect coordination between the key market players, you can hope to increase efficiency and decrease waiting time. Port congestion seems to be a vital factor that could adversely impact schedule reliability and disrupt schedules. Infrastructure constraints and port congestion are the top reasons that should be compelling the services of all shipping lines. Here are some common reasons for shipping delivery delays.

Lack of Visibility Leads to Delayed Deliveries

It is critical to allow clear visibility 24×7 all through the supply chain for ensuring timely and safe shipment from one point to another. Without proper tracking in place, organizations will be susceptible to unlimited inefficiencies that could culminate in damage, delays, and loss of shipments. The best way of winning and maintaining a competitive edge is to invest in cutting-edge tracking software. An advanced container tracking software could provide logistics partners or couriers and their clients with complete transparency during the entire journey. Reliable shipping companies always strive to stick to their schedules. Check Maersk lines schedules before booking.

Inadequate Technology Resulting in Delayed Deliveries

Antique hardware and old software pose huge issues for delivery organizations because they restrict the capacity to integrate access features and new technologies that are best for mitigating shipment delays. Businesses must focus their attention on investing in effective cloud-based software and perfect hardware for providing a holistic approach that helps 3PL, couriers, transportation, and logistics companies for staying connected and gain profit from valuable real-time data.

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We know that delayed deliveries are somewhat a reality today in shipping lines. By choosing an effective logistics management software, you could rest assured that lost packages will become a rare event for delivery organizations. With vivid end-to-end visibility of the shipment throughout the journey, organizations could now breathe easily. With dedication and unflinching commitment towards the highest levels of customer service and customer satisfaction, your business is sure to gain a competitive edge.



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