Hybrid Event
August 9, 2021


With 2020 being a roller coaster year, we have observed some notable transformations. One of these significant transformations includes the shift of the events industry to a virtual environment. From classes to conferences, to meetings and interviews, almost everything has adapted to the virtual world.

Though virtual exhibitions were making a name for themselves, they gained exponential growth over the past few months, giving a dynamic boost to the virtual event industry. In India, several new contenders have arisen in the market to challenge the conventional setup with their latest high-tech solutions. However, obtaining the patterns and dynamics of an in-person exhibition virtually is as difficult a task as any.

Exhibitions are entirely about enhancing visibility and promotion to a target market. Go virtual to maximize your reach to a huge global audience and help industries advertise their products and services. 

Looking for a method to gain momentum and increase your trade show or conference presence? One probability is to produce a cloud-based variant of your exhibit or show. Virtual exhibitions are an essential counterpart to physical ones. In this blog, discover what it needs to conduct a successful virtual exhibit and experience that will lead to your business growth.


Ideas to enhance the virtual exhibitions

Customizable Exhibitor booths

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Let your exhibitors have entire control of their booths. Using this, they can decide the design, pick colors, add graphics, choose avatars, and upload necessary videos and downloadable documents for attendees.

Private and Group Chat Options

You can include a group chat room to interact with audiences. Exhibitors can also keep 1:1 audio and video encounters to interact with leads, perform a sales pitch, and build long-lasting engagement.


Handy Document Sharing

Advertise product resources such as spec sheets, discharge information, tutorials, and practice case data. Our virtual swag pack also allows the audience to easily store this information.

Customizable Email Marketing Tools

You can add features that can easily schedule emails for before, during, and after the event. Also, features like prioritizing the attendees before sending them an email is a good strategy, so you know the sequence of sending the emails.


To host a successful virtual exhibition we need the choose best suited virtual event platform

Some exhibitors are still hesitant to shift to the virtual environment due to the intricate nature and newness of this events industry. They have various suspicions regarding whether their virtual exhibitions will be a successful event or not. But the revelation is that attempting into virtual space is going to profit them in several ways. To begin with – avoiding the trouble of logistics and traveling. Moreover, most of the notable event planning organizations have already foretold the prospect to be taken by virtual events and in-person exhibitions. In simple words, stepping into a virtual environment is the key to a prosperous future for the events industry.


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Began in 2017, Xporium excels in providing 2D, 3D, and VR skills to plan events and exhibitions, of all types the platform assures that exhibitors can recreate the experience of an on-site event into a virtual one.

What makes it different from other virtual event platforms is that they design immersive 3D environments that enable attendees to walk through the lobby, halls, navigate booths, browse content, download catalogs, network with exhibitors as well as attend live webinars using simple navigation keys and mouse on their computer.

There is also a choice for group chats to interact with various attendees simultaneously. Personal communications, live product demos, and networking are some motives why we visit physical events. Xporium shines at all of these factors. In addition, the virtual exhibition platform incorporates e-commerce integration that lets attendees shop right from the exhibition page while the event is occurring. 

Apart from hosting their events they also provide while-label use allowing exhibition organizers to conduct their flagship trade fairs, exhibitions and events. 

Xporium also has this amazing feature – Wings Program; a referral policy that will let people be a part of the group having like-minded business people, dealers and companies of their city.



Dreamcast is a recognized name that is being extremely appreciated for its virtual offerings. They give support for virtual talk shows, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, AGMs and other similar events. About the rising demand for Virtual Events and Expos – the platform has freshly attempted into the corresponding division, rolling out innovations to begin seamless connection between the attendees. These innovations include live chats, webinars, obtaining customer insights and customized booths. Along with this, exhibitors are permitted to accumulate valuable feedback via live-polls and Q/A sessions.

Dreamcast also incorporates a customizable Single URL for the complete event that audiences can use to enroll and visit the event. All ideas and features are customized to meet the necessities of a particular event.


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Directed on hosting Virtual Exhibitions: Ideas, Best practices, and tools similar to live ones to enhance participation. It provides the opportunity of conducting both temporary and permanent expos. Concerning temporary exhibitions, you have to choose a plan foretelling the number of attendees. And if you obtain the count, you have to top up to welcome more participants. The permanent exhibitions category has no such restrictions.

There is a moderately designed 2D exhibition space, with booths titles and products descriptions below which when clicked, gives more information regarding the exhibitor and the products. Also, the visitors can directly make acquisitions during the exhibition if they find a good product. This mere integration can assist in making higher revenues.


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