July 28, 2021

The manufacturing companies are now offering specialized sleeve and tray boxes to grab the market and its customers. The popularity of this packaging is increasing day by day due to its rich-featured nature. The main reasons behind the popularity are attractive displays and enhanced characteristics for the products.

These products become extravagant due to their perfect packaging. A rectangular-shaped tray is designed with top sleeves that are slide over the tray. To tend your product at a high level in style, these packaging are valuable to use. However, you can be more creative as you wish for its design that has two parts. Designers keep both tray and sleeve in front to give a box diverse look.

1.Guarantee Safety:

Custom Tray and sleeve boxes are also known for their flexibility. Many customers with expensive or delicate products now prefer tray and sleeve boxes over any other type of packaging. These boxes save your products from the damage of any kind during transition or delivery. Pro Printing Services also offers extra padding inside these boxes to ensure that your product stays in its place. Furthermore, this type of packaging also protects your products from other external factors such as heat and moisture, etc.

In packaging, the primary concern is always about safety. It is due to the safety compensations that customers use packaging.  Tray and sleeve boxes can provide you with fantastic quality and safety measures. It has two parts; hence there is no doubt about their safety qualities. You can also safely use them for travel. Many customers even use them in their luggage

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2.Customized Design:

Two different parts are joined to make a customized packaging i-e tray and sleeve. Both of these designs are combining to create a rectangular box. The boxes contain all types of ornaments and jewelry etc., with their firm packaging. These sleeve boxes vary in size, small to large, and carry delicate, fragile, and lightweight objects. A tube shape sleeve is designed to assemble with four adjacent panels and a tray with a double walled bottom panel. Likewise, they have four closure flaps in between that make a connection among them. Thus, the composition of the sleeve contains a tube box of four panels. The front is at the bottom, the rear panel, and the other is a side panel. It helps the tray to slide out of the box elegantly.  All the clothing apparel, key chains, pens,  personal care products,  perfumes, fragrances, books, cakes, and latest digital products, have luxury packaging of tray and sleeve boxing.

So, whatever your purpose is, the boxes can help you. In addition to that, they are appropriate for delivery. As you know, during delivery some boxes prove inefficient. It brings severe damage to the core product. You can avoid this situation by using quality boxes. So always focus on these aspects of packaging.

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  3.Suitable size:

  They offer striking displays along with the complete protection of the products from any damage. It is due to the unique shape and design. The sleeve imparts an additional layering structure tailor-made for situations where the safety of the things is the primary concern for the shopkeepers and the customers. Size is one of the attentive factors for tray and sleeve boxes.

There should not be extra-large sizes as they already have to accommodate extra space because of the transportation process. Moreover, the extra-large sizes can also be dangerous for the safety of the things as they are not tightly packed, and the chances of smashes are higher. Therefore, you should always go with appropriate sizes according to the dimensions of the items to avoid the intimidations of collision and damages.


The material to choose should be solid and tough enough to provide all the required protected features to the goods. Cardboards Boxes and Kraft’s are the perfect choices to be used as they are strong enough to provide functionality and strength to the item intact.

  1. Uniqueness:

This packaging style is a great and unique way to have your product seen at an affordable price. The sleeve and tray boxes s are both evident and allow for creative layouts which will stand out and draw customers to the market. The boxes must have an eye-catching design and packaging to attract the customer’s attention. Both consumers and businesses highly value these boxes due to the superior functional nature of the design. These boxes are ultimate to keep all sorts of products in optimal condition and help the consumers effectively to select their favorite products in the market.

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It would be best to go with tray and sleeve kraft packaging because it is one of the cheapest packaging options available in the market. However, being cheap does not mean that it is terrible in quality. On the contrary, it is quite the oppose. Lesser the price, you can raise more the quality of the boxes by choosing material wisely.


A lot of time and hassle is saved if you go with custom tray and sleeve Kraft boxes. It will help you get set up in no time, and your packaging will be ready with no worries. One of the benefits of working with Pro Printing Services is that it will print and deliver your boxes as seamlessly as possible once you place the order and approve the final design.  From serving as differentiating factor in the market to communicating and helping the consumers in storage, all consumers highly value the design due to endless potentials.


Customized tray and sleeve boxes are among the most commonly used packaging options by many businesses worldwide due to their several benefits. Stamp a print is providing its best quality packaging for many years. It has its best features to design tray and sleeve boxes through its latest technologies.

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