September 17, 2021

It is important to understand what it takes for a gaming platform as successful as F95ZONE to fail its users. And that is exactly why we will be taking a good look at some factors that did not work in the favour of F95ZONE.

  • It Possessed A Threat To Privacy

People on the internet are always at the risk of getting their crucial information leaked. There is hardly any platform which does not store the data that you fill in their signup forms and later that data is sold off to many nameless companies. Something similar happens with F95ZONE but the only difference here is that you sign-up for selling your privacy willingly over here. F95ZONE is a gaming community and you know that it is not safe to share your information on platforms like these, but you still sign up for these platforms. It is requested that you do not sign up for F95ZONE if you do not want to compromise your privacy.

  • It Did Not Do Much To Ensure The Safety Of Its Users

The success of any online platform lies in the number of efforts that it makes towards ensuring the most premium experience of its users. F95ZONE being a gaming platform had to make a lot of efforts to ensure that its users got a safe environment and when it failed to do so, the critics lashed out at this adult gaming community. It was not like that F95ZONE did not try to provide safety to its users, it did try to do so. But the fact that you are always dealing with strangers in the gaming community made it difficult for the platform to keep tabs on every user and that was something that did not work in the favour of this platform.

  • The Platform Has A Lot Of Toxicity
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The internet is full of people who do not hold any kind of regard to the mental health of other people. They will throw anything that comes to their mind towards a person who is not even at fault at the slightest inconvenience they face. F95ZONE being an online platform has plenty of such people and they do not stop bullying and harrassing people until and unless they feel like doing so. This torture that is faced by many people on this gaming platform is exactly what has kept this community from growing and it is something that needs to be changed as soon as possible.

  • People Often Do “Other Things” Under The Pretext Of Gaming

Gaming communities are infamous for being one of the darkest corners of the internet and many activities which are considered illegitimate are conducted here under the pretext of gaming.

  • Makes You More Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

There are thousands of hackers on the internet who are ready to steal your data just by sending you one link and blackmailing you into doing their bidding. This is yet another reason which does not work in the favour of F95ZONE.

These were a few reasons why F95ZONE is going to go down in no time if it does not work upon itself right now.


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