November 3, 2021

Deck and patio can sound like the same thing because of their overlapping nature. But these two are not as similar to each other as you think. When you talk to your house architect or designer, you can get some clarity on this. Otherwise, you may still find it confusing to differentiate one from the other. However, if you are planning a home improvement project to include the deck, you can be curious to know what it is, how much it costs, and what you can achieve with this. Here is a brief insight into the difference between deck and patio, along with the idea of incorporating the deck design.

Patios VS decks

You can build a patio directly on the ground. It can be like a courtyard, but it can be an open space covered by walls or dividers or a small area close to the main building. Regardless of their proximity or distance from the house, patios remain an integral part of the landscaping. These versatile structures can have any shape and use construction materials like stone, pavers, tile, pebbles, pea gravel, concrete, etc. The standard bases still consist of concrete or rock and sand. You don’t have to furnish them with safety railings for their ground-level construction.

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On the other hand, decks can be vinyl, wood, or composite wood platforms. Cedar, pine, and redwood can be some standard wood options. If you maintain them well, decks can be one of the most alluring and warm corners of the house. Whether you attach it to the home or not, you can spend time there to bask in the surrounding views. Since they can have varying levels, you may need to build railings for support.

Both these are efficient, entertaining spots. You may want to check with local and state laws to understand what you can build on your premises. If you are interested in decks, you may like to learn about them more.

The construction cost of the deck

On average, you may have to spend about USD $7,500 on a deck. The expenses can go up or down based on the quality of materials and labor charges. Generally, a small deck on the lower side of the spectrum can cost about USD $4,000. If you increase your expectations, the same thing can demand an investment of USD $45,000. Deck projects using lumber, cedar, and redwood without extra highlights can cost USD $30 to USD $60 per sq ft. It will be an essential feature. It covers labor, baluster, beam, hardware, and other requirements.

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The installation cost of the deck

Involving a decking professional from the beginning can be helpful if you decide to add a new deck. They can check your layout and suggest the best options. After this, they will focus on leveling, support, and finishing touches. Usually, labor costs go up to USD $8 and USD $22 per sq ft.  You can save this expense by opting for a DIY idea, though. However, you should consider this only if the design is straightforward and relatively close to the ground.

Styles and types of deck

Every household tends to have different expectations with their adjacent outdoor area while reflecting on the choice of deck. Still, the styles are pretty standard: platform, multi-level, and raised.

Platform designs can be an extended part of the house resting on the ground level. For DIYers, it can be easy to attempt this. If you hire a contractor, the installation cost can amount to about USD $2,200. Whether you build a single deck with various levels or a two-story deck, there will be walkways or stairs. It can be a complicated project. From the choice of lumber to building supports, this project will have many intricacies. Such a design can demand an investment of USD $20,000 or more. The size of the deck and materials can further influence the budget.

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As opposed to these, many people prefer raised decks, which can be only a few feet high from the ground. These will also have railings and stairs. Homes sitting on the first level can opt for this. On average, this style can cost USD $30 to USD $60 per sq ft.

Additional features on the deck

Homeowners don’t hesitate to explore the idea of adding an outdoor kitchen to this beautiful space. If there are proper electrical and water connections, you can also pursue it. The budget has to be higher than your original plan. You also have to consider what features you would like to introduce here. For example, have you checked high quality kitchen faucets made by Kraus? With this, you would want a sink, a few cooking appliances, a barbeque, and others. You can also plan a small, elegant seating nook with dining chairs and tables in this area. Or, you can build a long and narrow bench and table on one side.

To be precise, any single choice can make a massive difference to your deck layout and construction process. It will impact your budget also. If you are sure about the kitchen, you will want to determine the choice of appliances, building license, lighting, covering, etc. However, before going ahead with this, it is better to ask yourselves a few questions. You have to know whether you will use this space daily, weekly, or occasionally. The distance of the indoor kitchen can be another consideration.  You have to know how many people you would want to accommodate there. Are you going to install a dining table and a bar there?

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Like any other home renovation and development project, adding a deck can also be exciting. Based on this, you can take a call on the quality of materials, size, and level. But you have to be clear about your design goals. If you desire only a simple platform look, you don’t have to do much. However, the complicated design would require full attention and effort. For such plans, getting help from a professional can make more sense. You can find someone from your neighborhood or city for complete assistance.


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