September 9, 2021

While there’s never a guaranteed outcome with a football bet, there are some golden rules that you should always stick to. Before throwing on that cheeky flutter, checkbox the following tips. They could be very useful for Premier League betting over the course of the season.

  1. Keep Your Discipline

The golden rule of gambling, in general, is that you should only wager what you can afford to lose – this applies to football betting too. Just like the players on the pitch, you need to keep your discipline and not lose your head when things are not going your way.

If you’re on a bad run it can be very tempting to start placing big bets in order to win back the money you’ve lost (known as the Martingale System), but this strategy rarely works out and is more likely to lead to even bigger losses.

  1. Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

With so much competition in the betting industry these days, companies are desperate for your business and offer some great promotions and bonuses to encourage you to bet with them. All major betting sites offer bonuses for new customers, normally in the form of free bets, but as well as this standard new customer offers they may put on even better promotions around specific events.

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You can sometimes get ridiculously enhanced odds on outcomes that have a good chance of winning, so take advantage of these offers and sign up with a few different online bookies. Once you have signed up, they will work hard to keep you interested too, with daily specials and attractive promotions around major events like the World Cup or the start of the new Premier League season.

  1. Shop Around

New customer bonuses are just one reason why it pays to shop around when you are betting on football. With so much choice available, why restrict yourself to one or two bookies? There’s no room for loyalty if you want to maximize your winnings and make serious money out of football betting.

Odds on certain markets will often vary quite significantly between different bookmakers; before placing your bet, check if you can get better value elsewhere. Odds are constantly changing too, so it’s a good idea to do some research and be aware of trends.

  1. Do Your Research

Like anything, it takes time and effort to achieve regular success in football betting. While recreational gamblers might get lucky now and again with long shots, it’s research and knowledge that separates amateurs from professionals.

Bookmakers have a huge wealth of resources and stats at their disposal nowadays, so you need to arm yourself by watching matches and reading up on form and team news if you want to beat them. The more you know about what you’re betting on, the more likely you are to make the right prediction.

  1. Keep a Record
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Very few punters keep records of their betting, but if you’re betting regularly with lots of new bookmakers it’s advisable to do so. Keeping a record of your betting activity can help you to keep track of how much you’re winning and losing, and also identify which types of bets you’re having more success with.

If you have online accounts with bookmakers, they will show you your betting history, which you can easily keep track of in a simple spreadsheet. Following these tips will give you the best odds in your football betting.

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