Uber Like Taxi App Development
July 16, 2021

Decades ago, booking a cab was not this much easy. Millennials will have no idea about how difficult it is to book a taxi through phone calls. The arrival of taxi booking apps made the booking process simple and a great aggregator. 

Many taxi businesses have benefited from these apps. All credits go to Uber for addressing the issue through a mobile app. Ever since they launched their app, there were a lot of new names arising in the market. 

For entrepreneurs who are on the idea of launching a taxi booking app, I have tried to give out some valuable insights. Here, I have covered topics related to cost, features, and scope of developing an app like Uber. 

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What are the benefits of launching an Uber-like taxi app?

Taxi booking apps have changed the way we used to book our rides. Earlier, we used to call agencies and ask them to schedule us a ride. Now, after getting used to taxi apps, we will for sure not go back to those traditional ways of booking. 

Technology is all about advancements that can change our lives. In the same way, your Uber-like app should incorporate advanced technology. Here are some of the benefits of launching an Uber like app,

  • Millennials are more likely to prefer technology over other forms of transportation. Your Uber like app will soon become one of their options for taxi booking. So, you can cover up a large portion of people with your app.
  • Post pandemic, many drivers have lost their businesses, and currently, they are in the vision to get back their lost business. They will tend to partner with your app to improve their business. 
  • Your Uber-like app will be a great revenue generation option for both your business and drivers. This will invite more drivers to join your app.

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What are the top advanced features to include in your Uber like app?

As already mentioned, your Uber like app should have the top best features for the users to operate them easily. Here are some of the features to include in your app,


Once the users open their taxi booking app, their location and address will automatically be detected. This is because of the geolocation feature that is in-built in the app. In the same way, the users can also enter their drop location in the app. Entering the right location in the app is very important. Otherwise, the users cannot reach their destination properly. 

Uber Like Taxi App Development

On the other hand, it also helps drivers know if the location is convenient for them to drive. If not, they will not accept the ride. 

Select a feasible vehicle type 

The app should provide a feature for the users to select their vehicle type. If there are three or four passengers, they might want a big vehicle to travel. So, your app should allow the users to select their vehicle type at the time of booking the ride itself. 

GPS integration 

The in-built GPS of the app will help the users to track their rides in real-time. They can track the route and location of the drivers. And vice versa, the drivers can also trace and identify the routes to reach the user pick-up point. GPS integration also helps in route optimization. 

The app will analyze the routes and suggest the drivers with a safe route that has less traffic congestion. This will also help the drivers reach a destination in a short duration. 

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Multiple payment methods 

Cashless transactions are the recent buzzword, and people are quite comfortable with them. So it is important to include options for the same in your app. You can encourage your users to pay through debit/credit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets. 

What is the cost of developing an Uber like taxi app?

Developing an app is not an easy task and involves too many complexities. The cost of developing your Uber-like app is determined by several factors. When it comes to app development, you will be paying for what you want and not more than that. 

The cost of developing a Uber like app is based on the following factors, 

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App size: The features and functionalities you choose for your app have an impact on the cost of the app. In case your app has more advanced features, the size of the app will increase. The size of your app will also be considered for the total cost. 

UX/UI design:  A well-designed app will invite more users to your app. So, you need to have an attractive UX/UI design to cover a large mass of users. However, you can also select the design according to your budget. 

App platform:  The app platforms – Android and iOS also play a key role in deciding the cost of your app. In case you want to run your app on both platforms, you have to spend more money. You can also choose between any one of the platforms.

In addition, there are other factors like customization level and using technology stacks. They also contribute to the cost of developing an app. If you want additional technical support, be ready to spend additional money. 

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Wrapping up,

Taxi booking apps revolutionized the ride-hailing business completely. The best way to compete with the market is through a well-advanced taxi booking app development. With your Uber like app you can foray into the taxi business swiftly.


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