July 28, 2022


When people first start getting acne, they enter the world of acne control – something that requires that you identify the right product for your needs. You’ll find a range of benzoyl peroxide products with differing strengths on the market. The trick is, knowing whether you should use a benzoyl peroxide 4 percent wash or something stronger.


What’s the Most Common Strength?


That’s a little like asking how long a piece of string is, as everyone’s needs differ. There isn’t really a right answer to that question, as what’s right for one person won’t necessarily be ok for another.


What the experts typically recommend if you haven’t used BP products before is to practice caution. That means trying a little of the product on a small area first so that if there is any kind of reaction, it’s only in a small, localised area.


So, Start With a Benzoyl Peroxide 4 Percent?


That’s right. If, after 2-3 days, your patch test is something that has not shown any adverse reaction, it’s time to start using the product in earnest. Eventually, you’ll ideally be using it once a day as part of your standard skincare routine, so to begin with, perhaps try it every other night and see how you get on.

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It could be that you’ve used your 4% product for a week or so, and you’re not seeing much difference. Again, this is perfectly normal and getting impatient for results is nothing new when it comes to acne. However, if 8-10 weeks have passed and you’ve plateaued, it might be time to consider moving up to the 10% product.


Does Everyone Get Redness With BP?


In order to do the job it’s designed to do, benzoyl peroxide 4 percent (and indeed any strength) needs to penetrate the skin’s surface and clean out the pores. This means that its chemical makeup can cause irritation to anyone’s skin. One person might just have a little redness, but another might get red, inflamed skin – depending on their sensitivity to BP.


Even when you’re being cautious about using BP, you still need to listen to what your skin is telling you. Yes, redness is totally normal – within certain bounds – so don’t be too quick to alter things if you feel sore for a day or two at the outset. We’re talking mild redness, though, not full-on inflammation.


Benzoyl Peroxide 4 Percent Is Right For Some But Not Others


When you’re shopping for BP washes to control your acne, the right product for you will depend on you and your needs. That’s it. If you have a relationship with your dermatologist, then they will almost certainly give you an informed recommendation.

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If you’re not lucky enough to have access to one, however, just be careful and build up gradually. Over time you’ll understand what you react to and what you don’t.


Honestly, it’s the only way to tell properly and why you should never rush headlong into using something like this without testing the water first.



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