har ki dun winter trek
August 16, 2021

The essence of holidays and trips is now chasing the snow with the arrival of the winter season and recent snowfall across the Himalayas. It is also an opportunity to catch a live snowfall or be buried deep under the ice. Some people would visit places like Shimla and Manali to enjoy winter, particularly if they were to travel with family.

Many people want to see a less crowded and disappointing location, however, and the journey adds a little challenge. There can be no better way to schedule the journey than on a winter tour for such an experience. You can go trekking in many locations, I will mention underneath a few quick winter trekking tours in Uttarakhand.


Trekking is certainly enjoyable, but not a cup of tea for all. After all, it includes walking down and up the hills, along a gravel path, and the trees. You must remain in the camps, sleep in uncomfortable positions and eat not as delicious food depending on the length of the hike. In the end, though, there will be no other experience.

It either will scare you completely off; it won’t do it again, or it could just become a dependence; when you return from the existing, you will start planning your next trip.


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If you are trekking, your lists are endless and you have plenty of time and know the fundamentals. In our country, there are numerous paths you can take. But for someone who is thinking of going on his first walk, or of looking for a short and slightly different journey, or who wants to get a taste of how trekking is. If you belong to too the same group, you might think you are going on a few simple winter hikes in Uttarakhand below.


However, no matter how simple the trek might be, a word of caution; some items will still remain a challenge, however. It’s cold first and foremost. You’re sleeping in the tents and driving through snow. If you are someone who is uncomfortable or easily sick with a cold climate, you should not take the chance.

In the second place, you always need to go out with the right planning and even a guide so that you are not confused or have trouble. Lastly, but not least, you can know whether or not hiking is your thing if you have medical conditions such as asthma or heart disease. Please consult a doctor first if you still want to go.


Uttarakhand Easy Winter Treks

kedarkantha winter trek

Chandrashila / Tungnath


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This is one of the best spots for your first or quick winter trek. The trek begins in Uttarakhand from the little village of Chopta, goes up to Green Valley and then to the temple Tungnath, and ends at Chandrashila. However, the top of Chandrashila or even Tungnath is almost impossible in the winter. It is almost impossible.

How far you can go depends on the visit month. You could enter Tungnath in December and March but several kilometers in January and February before the snow falls on Chopta. You would have to hit Ukimath at this time and bring your car to Chopta as near as possible.




My favorite and one of Uttarakhand’s best winter treks. If you couldn’t go to Chandrashila or Tungnath, Deoria Taal is the place to go. Saari’s small village is where the walk begins and is about 3 kilometers on the road from Chopta. Leave the car in the town, rent a cargo or a guide there; go up to the town of Deoria Taal; spend the night in the camp, and walk the next day down to the town of Saari. You can begin the hike early in the morning and climb the same day if you’re short on time.


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Har ki Doon


Har ki Doon is the best trek to take in with you if you have about 4 to 5 days in hand. On the way through the snow-crossed Har ki Dun Valley you will pass through the remote village of Uttarakhand; the view of Swargrohini and Jaundar Glaciers will be astonishing.


Nag Tibba


In the winter season, Nag Tibba is another wonderfully beautiful trek. The road crosses a dense and snow-capped deodar forest. The trek has amazing panoramic views of the tops of Banderpunch, the Gangotri peak group, the northern Kedarnath ranges, the Doon valley, and the Chanabang snowy mountain peak.


Dayara Bugyal


Another incredible trek you can go on is Dayara Bugyal. In winter the whole area is shrouded with snow and feasts for the eyes. The valley is one of the most stunning wilderness in the world and covers an area of approximately 28 kilometers. The 9 Km walk is ideal for beginners from the village of Barsu; the base of Dayara Bugyal is also located in the town.


Kedarkantha Trek


It is a 12 km walk from Sankri village and offers amazing views of the peaks of Swargarohini, Banderpooch, Black, and Ranglana while atop. It crosses Govind National Park and wild meadows which are covered in winter with snow and other months with lush greenery.


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Brahma Taal


As a classical winter hike, Brahmatal has gained popularity in recent days. You walk in a thick forest to the lake and get welcomed by the near views of Mount Trishul and Mount Nanda Ghunti. The 12 km long walk begins from the village of Lohajung and includes most of them walking through snow.


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