May 26, 2022

For more than two years now, the world has been dramatically affected the Covid-19 pandemic. People in different regions have had to change how they live and work. Countries have experienced seasons of lockdowns, which have significantly affected economies. That is the case with Shanghai, China. has played a significant role in supporting the region’s healthcare industry by offering its users with daily online consultations.

The company supports consultants that help patients suffering from health issues such as cardiovascular, skin problems, respiratory and gynecology, and others. The company’s health branch mobilized its staff members to bring together Shanghai’s offline and online doctors. The healthcare professionals provide the area residents with mental and physical health support, administration of mediation, and knowledge on preventing acquiring and spreading Covid-19.

JD Health provided a hotline number that users can call free if they experience difficulty using the App. The company’s health department invited some of the top healthcare professionals in Shanghai to talk to the members of the society concerning coronavirus through various live stream events.

The company organized the events to inform the public about the development of the virus, its prevention, and treatment. The professionals answered multiple questions from the people attending the live event. They provided knowledge for individuals facing high risks, like those with underlying health conditions and the elderly.

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The Creation and Success of a Registration Medium


The organization built a registration platform to receive medicine supply requests from people in the affected zones. It helped patients suffering from chronic ailments to get the medications they required from their comforts. By the end of April, the company had received over 80,000 requests through the platform. It had also acted upon more than half of them. The company is working with Shanghai’s local government to ensure it supplies enough PPEs and medications required in different healthcare facilities in the area.

Supply of Medicines around Shanghai

At the end of April, JD Health collaborated with CR Sanjiu to donate more than 350,000 anti-virus doses within Shanghai. JD Logistics airlifted the oral solutions to different parts of the city. Earlier the same month, JD Health collaborated with Red Cross Society and a leading pharmaceutical firm in China to provide a variety of medications to the city’s general hospital. The organization also supplied 100,000 sets of Covid-19 self-test kits to its frontline logistics workforce in Shanghai.

JD Health’s Online Portal

JD Health made a unique online portal for people to use for their virus-prevention needs. The company uses the portal to provide users with products that they can easily select, such as anti-virus kits, oxygenators, thermometers, etc. The consumers could request the items for use in different situations while traveling, at home, or with minor symptoms.



Jingdong is an e-commerce company whose headquarters are in Beijing. It is among the leading online retailers in China. Richard Liu established the company in 1998 and started online operations in 2004. In the beginning, it sold magneto-optical products but expanded to stock and supplied mobile phones, electronics, and computers. The company is well-known globally for its use of AI to deliver customer orders using drones and robots.

The firm has supported many Chinese residents who have suffered from its effects throughout the pandemic. For example, it has helped people in Shanghai access medications for different diseases in their locations. It has also collaborated with various healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies to deliver medicines, PPEs, and Covid-19 information to multiple people. It has made that possible by introducing an app that consumers use to request medication and receive information and guidelines through live stream events.

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