January 18, 2022

The people who are addicted to social media platforms must have noticed small writing or text on a picture at the top or bottom. Such type of text, writing, or logo is considered a watermark. Whenever a photographer uploads a picture taken by him on his social media account then he must use his watermark.


The main purpose of this watermark on a picture is to make sure that his picture is not used by others or to avoid others to take his credit. Similarly, writers also use watermarks in their writings to ensure their ownership.


But there can be a chance when a person has to remove the watermark from a picture due to different reasons. Certain platforms allow us to remove watermark from photo. We are going to discuss the steps of using watermark remover of Imgkits website for removing watermark:

Imgkits tool of removing watermark: 


Imgkits website provides us such amazing features and tools that attract the users toward itself. This website offers users with its wonderful tool for instance background remover, Inpaint tool, old photo restoration tool, etc. All these tools are compact as well as trustworthy.


If we talk about the watermark remover tool that is defined on the Imgkits website then we will be amazed by coming across its features and benefits. All types of watermarks, text, logos, and writing will be removed from the image. The image with no watermark will be provided to us in a very short time.

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Use of watermark remover: 


If a person is uploading a picture on his social media account but there is an error appearing, again and again, that shows copyright issues then this is because of the watermark that is present in the picture. This error will only be resolved by removing the watermark from a particular picture. The given steps should be followed to remove watermark from photo.


  • First of all, we have to gain access to any Browser on our device, we can use Chrome, Google, Firefox, or Opera Mini as a browser.


  • After selecting the browser, we have to open it and a search bar will appear on the top of the screen that will allow us to search about anything on that browser.


  • We have to tap on it then we will see the typing pad if we are using a cell phone or tab. Then, type the name of the website by using the alphabet keys from the keyboard.


  • After processing, the main screen of the website will appear on the screen that shows all the tools and tabs like old photo restoration tools for people to use. The tab on the top of the main screen will show several tools that we can use for editing purposes.
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  • As we want to remove the watermark, we have to look for a watermark remover tool. After selecting the tool, it’s time to provide the selected picture to the website from the device.


  • We have to select the photo whose watermark we want to remove and then processing will start automatically on the given picture. We have to wait for a little and after some seconds, the resultant picture will be provided to us.




Whenever a person wants to upload someone else’s picture on his account or wants to use it for presentation purposes then he has to face certain issues. One of them is the presence of a watermark as we will receive an error of copyright issue. To solve this kind of issue, we are here with a very helpful article about the process to remove watermark from photo.


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