May 10, 2023

We can see that many people became interested in traditional and alternative medicine in recent years. Many herbs could have even greater effects on our bodies than standard medication, and some of them could even help with various diseases, anxiety, and more. Asia is known for having many types of plants with healing effects, and people from western countries became fascinated by Kratom, which is a plant from Southeast Asia, where people were using the benefits of this herb for hundreds of years.

The real benefits of this plant are still not known completely, but experts have started examining all potential advantages people could have from consuming it. There are no regulations for trading with Kratom as well, and you can easily buy it on some online stores.  There are different sorts of this herb, which are similar to coffee and the most used ones are Red Vein, Bali, Red Indo, Green Malay, and White Kali.

The name of the color is linked to the veins inside the plant, and each color provides different benefits. When it comes to Red Veins Kratom, the most popular sorts are Red Dragon, Red Vietnam, Hulu Kapuas, Bali, Indo, Borneo, Maeng, and more. Here you can read the ultimate guide of some popular red strains, their effects, and benefits.

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Main Features

This plant is used in the form of powder, and many users are saying how it can have amazing benefits on our well-being. Even though there are no directions from the officials about the labels, dosages, and other things related to the usage of this plant, we can see that a lot of people started ordering it online. The main types are divides into groups related to the color of the strain, and those are yellow, white, red, and green. The main difference between Red Kratom and other sorts is that it has much more powerful effects.

The origins of this plant are Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Myanmar. Also, the red sort is much bigger than the others, with 15 meters on average. If you ever visit these places, people there have several other names for it, such as Thang, Blak, Thom, Kakum, and Kefum. While people in the places where kratom has its natural habitat were using it for a long time, most parts of the world have only recently heard about it and its amazing effects.

There Are Different Sorts of Red Strain

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Each strain has slightly different effects, but according to the experience of people who are already using it, the main benefits are pain linked to pain, diabetes, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and much more. Kratom contains a unique ingredient called mitragynine, which is similar to some drugs like morphine and can help as pain relief. The concentration of this substance is not the same in all strains. There are other differences between them, as well. Here are the most popular types of Red Strain.

  • Red Horn; This type represents one of the most popular, and the main reason for that is its high potency. You can find it in the form of capsules, powder, and extract.
  • Malay; This strain comes from Malaysia, and the main difference from other types is much lighter effects, which are great for people who are using it for the first time.
  • Kulu Kapuas; This one is from Borneo and is known for its high quality and amazing effects.
    Bali; The recommended dosage of this sort is similar to other types, and that is between half and 3 teaspoons. Also, it is known for a higher percentage of alkaloids in it, which is great for a variety of forms.
  • Thai; The most interesting fact about the Thailand version is its height, which can go over 25 meters. According to some users, this one is especially good as pain relief.
  • Red Dragon; This one represents the most recent strain, and people are interested in it because it shares most of the features but can be bought for a much lower price.
  • Vietnam; This strain is different from most other types because it is grown in different climate regions. It has a lower potency, which is great for beginners.
  • Sumatra; People from Sumatra are using this herb for hundreds of years, and we can see it almost everywhere. They are using it as people in western countries are using tea and coffee.
  • Maeng Da; Maeng Da comes from Thailand, and its main ability is a strong taste and effects, which make it attractive to people who often use Kratom.
  • Indo; The main benefits of this one are lower potency and the focus on health benefits, such as pain relief, concentration, and wellness.
    Available Forms
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Like with CBD oil, there are different methods for the intake of Kratom like gum, tablets, capsules, powder, extract, and tinctures. The most popular method is taking a capsule, while many people are also buying it in the form of powder, and combine it with tea, coffee, and other beverages. Also, there are three types of doses, a low dose that should be between 1 and 5 grams, medium-dose up to 15 grams, and a higher dose is considered as every intake of more than 15 grams of Kratom.

Last Words

We are still waiting for official analyses to be sure about the real benefits of this Asian plant. There is a Kratom Association formed in the United States, which is promoting health benefits of it and works on educating and supporting consumers, along with intentions to make it more popular globally. According to the FDA, you are not allowed to label this product as a proven medication that can cure any disease or help with any sort of health issue. However, there are no regulations that could forbid you to order it online. In the end, if all these positive effects like relaxation, decreased anxiety, and improved sleeping patterns are proved to be true, we can expect the global expansion of Kratom in the future.


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