QuickBooks Database Server Manager
August 12, 2021

Everything About QuickBooks Database Server Manager


Are you familiar with the QuickBooks database server manager? What is the procedure for downloading the database server manager? What is the procedure for installing QuickBooks database server manager? 


How does one go about updating Database Server Manager? If you’re looking for answers to any of these issues, it’s worth taking the time to read our comprehensive guide. Intuit personal database manager is another name for database server manager.


 This handy application makes creating network data files for each and every corporate file on the host machine a breeze. QBDBMS is a must-have tool for those who want to employ multi-user mode.


Read this piece till it finishes, in order to know how to download, configure and update QuickBooks server management. If you are pressed for time and need assistance, call us at 1-844-384-1327.. Contact our support staff for QuickBooks to get the most of the server management of this database.


A Brief Introduction of QuickBooks database server manager/QBDBMS

 QuickBooks database server manager or QBDBMS is an outstanding utility feature of Intuit. Intuit. This utility works by managing the QuickBooks Multi-User Server folder. It helps you make the most of multi-user mode and you can not access multi-user mode without QBDBSM. 

The absence of the QuickBooks server manager will limit the use of software and impact performance. This programme is responsible for the network sharing of business files with other systems.ckQuickBooks database server manager

Some Key Features Of QBDBMS/QuickBooks database server manager

There are certain facts connected to the server management of QuickBooks, including that:


  • The QuickBooks server database manager creates.nd files recognized on the host system as network data files.
  • For numerous QuickBooks desktop versions, the database server manager is required. If you want to utilize multiple versions of QuickBooks, the QuickBooks database server management is suggested for installation.
  • There are several versions available in the QBDBSM. It can give numerous process versions, but cannot supply multiple software versions.


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QuickBooks Database server management –  Downloading Process

It is vital that you know the exact method which you should be doing to download the QuickBooks database server manager to avoid any type of problem. Downloading the database server management without any problem is not a large task.

 This is not possible. However, this powerful function is a component of QuickBooks accounting software, as per Intuit engineers and the observation. If you don’t, it may easily be downloaded from Intuit’s official website.

Some other methods

If you find the above method difficult, follows this another one – 


  • Go to the official website of Intuit.
  • Click on Download, the downloading will start.
  • Use QuickBooksToolsHub to access file .exe.
  • To enable the app to make changes, Click Yes.
  • Click on Next.
  • Click on the Next button and install choices. The procedure can take some time.
  • Hit the Finish option when the installation is complete.
  • After that, Open the QuickBooks Tool icon
  • Configure server manager for QuickBooks


If the default configuration is to be used, then skip the above section. Or the following steps can be performed:


  • Open the start menu for the windows.
  • In the search table type “Services” and open services.
  • Select QuickBooksDBXX and open it.
  • Go to the General tab and search for the status section of the service. You should pick the Stop tab if it is begun or run.
  • Go to the Dropdown option for the automatic starting type.
  • Move to the Registry Registry Registry. In addition, choose the choice for the local system account.
  • Go to the recovery register. Each of these options will also restart the service: first failure, second failure, and subsequent failure.


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Steps to Setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager 

It is time to start the procedure after downloading the QuickBooks server management. The following are the actions to be taken in this process:


Allow the server manager of the QuickBooks database to execute on the server

For the beginning, set the firewall manually to allow QBDBSM to execute on the server system.


  • Click on a Port Monitor tab to see the QuickBooks server management.
  • Hit the Start menu to see and launch the Windows firewall.
  • Right-click the Advanced Settings inbound rules, and then choose a rule.
  • Choose the port and the following settings for each.
  • Making sure the TCP is chosen.
  • Enter ports in the particular local ports option.

 Steps To Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager

The following easy procedures update your QuickBooks server manager:


QuickBooks database server management will generally be updated with the desktop of the QuickBooks server, but if you want to update it manually, the following procedures will be involved:


  • Open the Intuit official website and download the latest database server management patch.
  • After the patch has been installed, restart the server.
  • The notification appears on the workstation stating, ‘For this version of the QuickBooks desktop, the company file must be updated.’
  • Backup the data in the following step, as such modifications are subject to revisions


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Final words

One of the most efficient options available for users is database server management. Without this, multi-user mode cannot be accessed. But sometimes you might be confused with the QuickBooks database server management download, install and upgrade procedure. 


You may be able to understand a lot about QBDBMS when you get through this chapter. We hope this tutorial can help you utilize database server management in the best possible way.


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