Sar Pass trek
August 16, 2021

Do you plan to take one of Parvati Valley’s lovely secret treks? A boon for all to visit Parvati Valley. Parvati Valley has plenty of mysteries with incredibly stunning flora and lush green valleys.

In this area, there are some of the best treks in Himachal Pradesh. Visitors to the Valley of Parvati are interested to find an answer to a query, which places or treks are secret or offbeat in the Valley of Parvati.

Naturally, the best way to discover a region is to get deep. In view of the wild beauty of the region’s mountains, no one should be surprised that many walks scattered throughout the valley are offered. Some of Himachal’s most dignified treks can be booked here.


Let’s get into the specifics quickly:

Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley

Located on the banks of the Parvati River, at a stepped altitude of over 5,000 meters, Parvati Valley is part of the Greater Himalayan Range. The stunning mountain trails in the area naturally capture everyone’s imagination and can last between a few hours and several days. Whatever your enjoyment and power can accomplish is always a great idea if you are in this area.

Our last post on Parvati Valley gives you a broad picture of how you can enter the area and participate in other activities.

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Parvati Valley Easy Treks

Let’s begin with a few simple walks near Kasol, Parvati Valley’s main hub.

  1. Chalal Village


Chalal should not even be considered as a trek, but rather as a short walk. A 30-minute fun walks through the old world and breathtaking scenic views from Kasol to Chalal village. Chill along the rivers and go to Himachal Pradesh’s offbeat place.

It is April – June that is the best time to visit the small hamlet of Chalal. But since the walk is simple, one can cover it easily in any month, irrespective of rain or sunlight. The peace and quiet are addicting, and if you have the luxury of time, you may even want to spend one or two nights here. Chalal’s tranquility, seclusion, and quietness leave you in awe for a long time.


  1. Tosh Village


Tosh is a very straightforward hike. Indeed, before Tosh Nala, there is a road facility. Located 40 km away from Kasol, Tosh is just 3-4 km away from Barshaini Village and requires a complete trek.

In the early summer months, flowers and flora abound, and in the winter, a person gets clothed with blue cotton and balsam. Throughout your walk, you will be part of a happy tribe because Tosh gains popularity and tourists flock to this picturesque village.

While Tosh is not as populous as the Kasol Mini Israel, when it comes to transit it takes its own position.


  1. Rasol Village


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The trek to Rasol Village is next to our list of simple hikes in Parvati Valley.

Rasol (also known as Rachel) offers crazy views of the mountains filled with dense pine forests and clouds that overshadow the blue sky, a 2-hour trek from Kasol’s magical land. Rasol is the backpacker’s paradise with some tricky patches in them that measure your endurance.


Long/Difficult Parvati Valley Treks

Let’s look at some Parvati valley treks that are challenging or long-lasting.


  1. Sar Pass Trek


Ah, a threatening thrill of excitement! The Sar Pass is the term for amazing trek panoramas. The trek will keep you on your toes with the crazy beautiful wetlands and breathtaking night skies, all covering the whole four or five days to Kasol. The walk goes to the village of Grahan, starting in Kasol.

The deeper you go into the Parvati Valley mountains, the more beautiful you can see is no mystery. The trails in front of Grahan are lonely, rounded by rhododendrons, but the views keep you content.

In Nagaru, where a challenging 6-8 hour trek leads to you, you spend your first night climbing the beautiful steep mountains of the Parvati Valley. Patience and perseverance are required to reach the top on day three. But sliding down mountains is one of the best in the region. It is easy to come back – the descent is not bad, but you need to be careful.


  1. Mantalai Lake Trek


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The lake in Mantalai starts every story in the Valley of Parvati. For it is the lake that originates from the Parvati River. This place retains pure respect and does not appreciate many locations in the Himalayas. You wouldn’t, of course, be deceived – the lake lives up to its name and has the grace that the companion of Shivji would think!

Each nook will give you views that are forever engraved in your memories. The picture-fine view over the river formed in the deodar and pine trees and the snow-covered mountain landscape will make those who are engaged in this difficult task of reaching the lake of Mantalai a source of great pleasure.


  1. Pin Parvati Valley Trek


Continuing from Lake Mantalai one moves into Pin Parvati National Park and you’ll be shocked to see what’s ahead if you felt you’d experience tranquillity before. The exciting hiker will witness the beauty of nature in its best forms with the aid and encouragement of the guidebooks, but the hike itself is difficult and should not be played with.

You can complete this trip by adding an additional three days to your Mantalai Lake Trek tour. Naturally, the walk includes beautiful animals including snow leopards.


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