November 10, 2021

Can meditation cure back pain? Patients suffering from back pain want relief in every way that is possible, but it could be too ideal to be true to believe that you can utilize meditation to ease physical discomfort.

Indeed, research has found that meditation can be effective in treating lower back discomfort. The ability to focus and to let your mind drift away from the pain and towards something more relaxing could ease the discomfort. Additionally, you can lower the risk of a number of other disorders like anxiety or stress.

How Meditation Work to treat Back Pain

Meditation allows you to calm and be in touch with yourself. This will help relax tight back muscles. It can also reduce your sense of pain making it possible to concentrate on something else than discomfort.

The practice helps you remain in the present by being fully involved with whatever you’re doing. Your mind is free to allow it to roam wherever it’s interested. At the end of article, you will know how to treat back pain by meditation.

Meditation types to begin with

If you’re interested in trying meditation, you’ll be able to find various kinds that you can choose from. Find something that you feel at ease with. Guided recordings for free are accessible to test them out.

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Here are some ideas.

  • Meditation for the mind
  • Visualization meditation
  • Breathwork meditation
  • Body scans to determine the condition of your body
  • The Mind Illuminated

The benefits of Mindful Meditation back pain


Mindfulness meditation (often called simply as meditation) a well-known and safe alternative mindfulness practice that trains the mind to be non-judgmental in its focus on the present experiences . It is also a fantastic option for treating Back Pain.

It is widely used to improve well-being, health as well as pain. it has proven to have lasting effects as time passes. Meditation can positively affect numerous chronic health conditions like anxiety and depression which are common among patients suffering from Back Pain. It has biological effects and is associated with positive changes in the brain regions involved in adaptive stress, pain and regulation.

Skills learned through meditation can be a complement to the ones acquired through traditional behavioral treatments, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which is an integral part of the evidence-based treatment protocols to treat Back Pain. Learn more about Mindful Awareness and The Power of the Mind for additional details.

Meditation for mindfulness is most effective when it is practiced every day even if it’s just the brief five minute breathing space Meditation. Of course, if you practice the longer 15 or 30 minute versions whenever you can then the benefits will be much more significant.

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Mindfulness is the practice of increasing awareness of the surroundings, our bodies as well as ourselves. A little bit of awareness each day can boost our physical and mental well-being. Being more aware in the present allows us to manage and reduce anxiety, while reducing physical symptoms like discomfort and high blood pressure as well as higher heart rate.

It’s easy, almost too easy to be able to claim the powerful effects that are claimed to have. However, those who practice regular mindfulness meditation to relieve back pain discover a variety of benefits aside from back pain relief.

The main takeaway

Research studies into the efficacy of meditation to alleviate chronic pain yield mixed results. The issue is that it’s difficult to evaluate studies that focus on specific types of pain as well as different kinds of meditation.

However, there is evidence to suggest that meditation is beneficial to some sufferers. What is the reason? Studies have shown that meditation activates neural pathways that build the brain less sensitive to pain, and additionally will increase the employment of the brain’s opioids that cut back pain.


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