June 6, 2022

Lear Capital Investments

Lear Capital is an investment company that helps investors to start self-directed IRAs that will allow them to invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. A self-directed IRA is one that allows the investor to choose the best investments for their investment portfolios. You can be assured that Lear Capital can help them to make that happen with their access to the precious metals. They have great reviews that will give you confidence that they can help you the way that you need for your portfolio.

Precious Metals

 There are many different precious metals that you can invest in, and they will all be great assets to your investment portfolio. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the usual precious metals that people invest in. They usually do well in the economy, whether the economy does well or not.


Gold has been around the longest, since before the seventh century BCE, when it was first used as coins. Gold has always done well in every economy and is still used today as a hedge to inflation for bad economies. You can find out more about investing in gold at this website: https://www.investopedia.com/articles/basics/08/gold-strategies.asp. When used with traditional paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, it will help your investment portfolio in good times and in bad. Usually when the economy is doing well, the stocks and bonds do better, and when the economy is going through bad times, the gold will do better.

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The best way to invest in gold today is through buying bars or coins, although you can also buy gold rounds, which are similar to coins but with no printed monetary value. You can also buy gold jewelry, of course, which can be a less expensive way to purchase gold. Bars have the best value, with coins being a close second, and then rounds after that. You can also invest in gold stocks and as exchange-traded funds.


Silver is another precious metal that has been around for a very long time, but not as long as gold. Silver is easier to get started investing in because it is a fraction of the cost of gold. Silver also does well in most economies and does well when the economy is not doing as well.

Silver is also best bought in bars, coins, and rounds, as well as jewelry. You can buy an ounce of silver for less than a gram of gold, making it a great beginner’s investment. You can also invest in gold stocks and as exchange-traded funds.


Another precious metal that is gaining popularity is platinum, which also has a various uses and ways to buy it. You can buy platinum in bars, coins, rounds, and even jewelry. Platinum is nearly as expensive as gold, and holds its value well, too. Platinum also has industrial uses, as well as technology and even dentistry.

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Palladium is a newer precious metal compared to the other metals, only having been around since the early 1800’s. You can learn about palladium by doing research for yourself on the internet.  Palladium is also used in bars, coins, rounds, and very occasionally jewelry. It has more uses in the industrial and technological areas than in jewelry. Palladium is more expensive than gold on a typical day, and it also holds it value well.

Lear Capital

Lear Capital can help even the beginning investor to find the precious metals they need to use for their investment portfolios. They have some of the best reviews from Google and Trustpilot and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have been around since 1997 and have been helping people make sound investments since then. They can also help you to figure out the tax benefits for different investments.

Lear Capital can help you to fund your precious metal IRAs, which are self-directed IRAs where they can help you choose which metals that you need for your investment portfolio. They can also help you to invest in the precious metals themselves, specializing in gold, silver, and platinum.

Lear Capital is relatively inexpensive as brokers go, with a fee of two hundred sixty dollars for the first year, and one hundred eighty dollars per year after that. Fees that go along with your investments are also all tax-deductible, saving you money in the long run.

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 Lear Capital is an awesome company that can help you to invest in precious metals and precious metal IRAs. They specialize in gold, silver, and platinum products and can help you to add to your investment portfolios.

Gold, silver, and platinum products are all good precious metals to invest in and all hold their values through the different economies. You cannot go wrong using Lear Capital to help you increase the value of your investment portfolio and help you to begin one, as well.



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