How to start a Landscaping business in Dubai
July 17, 2021

Companies in Dubai provide excellent landscaping services all over residential, commercial, and industrial properties. They help people design, build, operate, and maintain interior and exterior landscaping services.

Not only that, landscapers in Dubai conduct a large number of building projects and restaurant fit-outs for their clients. As we look into Dubai’s interior and exterior infrastructure, we know how much effort and time has been put into it for the correct implementation of landscaping.

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How to get the license for a landscaping company in Dubai?

Now, let us look into the steps of how to get access to the license in Dubai. The process becomes hassle-free with the help of professional business consultants in Dubai.

  • Firstly, you need to get over with initial Approval
  • Next, you require trade name approval
  • Yet another essential document you need is of Dubai Municipality Approval
  • Don’t forget to get LSA Agreement/MOA
  • Remember to establish Business Location
  • Last but not least, you want business license submission.

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How to successfully run a landscape business?

Prepare a business plan

If you don’t have a solid plan, you intend to fail from the start because creating one is crucial for the landscaping business in Dubai. You can start a business in Dubai by drawing a solid written strategy. As your company grows, the field becomes complex, so creating an intelligent plan leads you to reach heights.

You will have to learn and evolve with the business trends, techniques, and innovations. Having a business plan helps you in doing much better in decision making. It doesn’t have to be complicated but clever enough to withstand troubles.

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Manage your bottom line

One of the most challenging obstacles for new landscaping businesses is running into cash flow concerns early on. Money management is a crucial business skill. You’ll need to pay strict attention to profitability throughout the process, from estimating through payroll.

Estimates are difficult to make. If you quote too low, you risk having to conduct work that will cost you money. If you quote too high, you risk losing an excellent job. Find out how much other landscapers charge for similar jobs by doing some research. Because the price is unlikely to be posted online, you may need to phone them for an estimate.

Calculate how much it will cost you to complete the project, including how much you will have to pay your employees. Include your profit margin, ensuring that it is sufficient to spend your time. You may need to make some adjustments if your number is much higher or lower than the competition. Keep in mind that your company has other expenses as well. Your phone number, website, office space, time management software, and equipment purchases are all taken into account. Make sure your projections are high enough to cover those costs.

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Have unique marketing strategies

Marketing is the key to success when it comes to company setup Dubai. Businesses like landscaping are indeed outstanding, and it’s evident that people need your service. The opportunity and profits are right in front of you but don’t forget that you have competition out there. So you need effective marketing strategies to attract your potential customers. Marketing makes new customers aware of you and makes the old ones remember how good your services were.

According to business setup consultants, 74% of customers in landscape business are repeat customers. So it is essential to have a stand for yourself and have an identity for the company through marketing strategies. Have a unique website, enlightening social media channels for your customers.

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Cultivate referrals

A powerful recommendation is based on truth. Recommendations and testimonials are a low-cost method of gaining attention. People have a natural aversion to advertising, yet they trust their friends’ and neighbors’ opinions and experiences. So make sure to ask your customers as nicely and cultivate many honest referrals as possible.

Develop trustworthy team

Companies that run a landscape business know that they have large openings for laborers with skills, but the problem is that we don’t have enough employees. So it is essential to track skills and even more important to keep them with us.

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How to build a solid team for the landscaping business?

  • You can approach subcontractors to recruit people. When you need labor for a job but don’t have enough coverage, other landscapers can help.
  • Pay them well and appreciate the excellent work. At the same time, do your research and learn what other companies pay for the same position and make sure that you are not overdoing it.
  • Always provide them with on-the-job training. It helps the individuals improve skills, and the training you give assures you that you are doing it right. Treat them well both with excellent payment, king actions, and encouraging words.
  • Communication is yet another key to success.  Be a boss when you should be and at other times be their friend. Talk to them and get to know them more because, in that way, you are steadily building a team that is also looking up to you and your company’s success. They matter to you and your company, so let them know their worth. Communicate often about company goals and challenges.

Buy good tools

You need top-quality tools for high-end landscaping results. Tools are a significant investment, but we are careful of the financial balance. You can rent out costly items if it is not needed for everyday work. Slow and steady wins the race, and so you have to fill in the supplies rather slowly than piling up with useless tools.

You get mesmerized by the tools section with an offer price tag, but make sure it is the perfect deal. You might get broken equipment, and you end up paying double the amount to repair the stuff or have to rely on rentals. So it is better to choose a good one instead of going after cheap quality stuff.

Top Landscaping business mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t ignore safety rules because the safety of the employers comes first. They help us grow the business, so we have to protect them from any harm.
  2. Don’t forget to increase your prices with the company growth because it helps develop the business.
  3. Don’t spend too much on equipment. You can try renting out items that are not used often.
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