January 17, 2022

If you’re like many people, you have never heard of a media chest for the bedroom. While there have been entertainment centers built to at least compliment the rest of the room’s interior design, media chests specifically for the purpose and destination of the bedroom is far more important and simply work better.

Media chests come in a variety of shapes, woods, finishes, and features. In order to get the best chest for your bedroom, the following guide will help you narrow down your vast online options.

Table of Contents

Choose the right media chest

Your new bedroom furniture set might come with an optional media chest, but that doesn’t mean it is the right one for you. There are many media chests that are sold separately but could lead to an amazing color theme when combined with your other bedroom décor ideas.

The right media chest for bedroom really depends on what you want to use it for. If you are going to be using it to play music, you should get one that has cabinet doors inside which you can hide the stereo when not in use. You can also get media chests that have one or two small pull-out bins in which you can store the CDs that you want to play on a regular basis.

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How to adapt a media chest for your gamer

Ultimately any media chest will work as long as it is in the same style or it is being used as a transitional piece. Media chests can easily be altered to do the work you need it to perform, like charging your devices. You can also set up the media chest so that it has more holes for cords and cord grommets in the event it doesn’t have enough room for all of your gaming consoles and streaming devices.

For a gamer, a media chest is all about organization and being able to put your hands on a game whenever you want. For a movie buff, it’s about having a big screen to watch your favorite flix. In any case, you’ll need some cord management and a place to put your electronics in the bedroom.

A traditional entertainment center probably won’t fit in with the rest of your bedroom furniture, but a media chest can be had from the same brand or collection as the rest of your bedroom furniture set.

Make any chest for the bedroom a media chest

It is fairly easy to adapt any bedroom chest into a media chest. Choose a chest that is taller than your dresser but still short enough to allow for your television. You don’t want to put your gaming systems or other electronics in a completely closed-in space like a dresser drawer, but if you can find a chest that has a shelf available aside from the rest of the drawer and cubby storage that would be ideal.

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A chest that has shelves with a solid back can be made into a media chest by drilling holes for cords. Be sure to install cord grommets so that there are no rough edges to cause injury.



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