October 28, 2021

Crafting is the strength of the New World, But Errors and congested areas are its weaknesses. Gathering plays an essential role in the New World. New World has succeeded in making the collection fun and getting a lot of New World Coins to upgrade their character’s equipment. Jeck already has all the Max-Level collection professions and tells us his skills. We discussed with you From BuyNewWorldCoins the problems of collecting in the New World, what things are particularly stressful, and what tips and tricks he can convey to our readers.

In the Crafting and Gathering system in a truly successful game world. When you walk from A to B and suddenly see the ruins on the side of the road, it reminds me a bit of Gothic. Then you say to yourself: Interesting, We will go see, and at the end of the 10-minute walk, there is a 1-hour expedition. A few skills limit the combat system, but it is still interesting because all weapons play differently. Many errors increase with each patch. PvE and PvP missions are very dull, and the elite area is completely overwhelmed. In addition, there is nothing special about legendary equipment, only better statistics. And none of the collection professions has a title of 200.

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How to improve Gathering skills?

Skinning: You don’t need any hints because every player will use it as the first skill at 200 because animals can be skinned everywhere.

Mining: Avoid the starting area, but find the farm route at the end of the game because most players farm in the starting area.

Harvest: Harvesting T4 and T5 fibers are not very practical because you have little experience. It is best to plant herb points in the starting area because everything there is complete, each herb field has 6 to 8 nodes, and each node provides 93 experience points.

Fishing: If you don’t want to move around, you should choose T2 because the rebirth time is short. There you need to go fishing. Bait is always essential because it can shorten the time it takes for the fish to hook.

Logging: In the beginning, stick your head out from balsa wood to Immerfall. Once you can mine Wyrdwood, you can breed elemental wolves in balsa and regular Wyrdwood trees. At level 175, you will start planting tropical wood immediately, and you will reach Loggin 200 soon.

Peeling is super fast, and it is better to plant herbs in the starting area.

We often don’t want to upgrade again in the logging process because the progress to level 175 is plodding. But once you can mine tropical wood, you can increase it from 175 to 200 in an hour because a tree provides a total of 4,000 experience points.

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Mining is not a problem because we could mine orchids relatively early, and I felt that all the deposits were there. This is no longer the case, but at first, We owned them myself.

Skinning is very simple, and every player will get it at level 200 before level 60.

Fishing is not as bad as many people say

Compared with other collecting professions, the speed of fishing rises to 200 very fast. But you should get all the fishing gear through the fishing mission series (which takes 5 to 8 hours) and finally get the legendary fishing rod and 600 receiving settings. When I started fishing, we had been farming in select areas for the fifth night in a row to obtain resources, and I just needed a break. The fishing was just right, and We finished it in 4 to 5 days. The legendary fishing rod and suitable bait are straightforward. At level 200, many hidden 3-star fishing spots have also been unlocked, which is ideal for fishing, and not many have reached this level.

City Quests and Gathering can be easily combined for upgrades

All collection occupations (except fishing) have reached 200 because We have done a lot of Gathering, refining, and city tasks. We only go fishing to 200 to get all the successes of collecting occupations at 200.

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Unfortunately, there are no exceptional achievements for this in the game. I only spent the first 50 levels in Immerfall and only performed town board tasks to improve my reputation there. At level 60, I have gained 55 prestige and have been rewarded as fast as extra collection speed or more storage space. In addition, the mission is very profitable because you can get a lot of experience points and a lot of prestige.

In addition, many people don’t know that the Town board task is related to organizing occupations. When you melt at 150, you will receive Quest such as Deliver 10 Orchicalcum. These tasks are high-speed and provide 10k experience points in some places. Therefore, you can upgrade yourself very quickly by farming. What New World does very well is the feeling of reward, such as when you reach a new level and then have the opportunity to get better raw materials. But the experience points you gain in farming are also excellent, and you will never feel like wasting time on the way to the highest level.

The gathering is an effortless way to grow New World Coins, and almost anyone (novice or veteran) can use it. Once you can craft Weapons and other Items that all players will need to use at some stage, you will be able to save a lot of New Coins and find you can make a lot by selling these to other players.

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