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July 15, 2021

Speaking of hiring remote developers, it’s not at all an easy task to perform. If you want your company to excel, then you need to be patient with the hiring process and hire the best developers for your team. Luckily, the internet has made it a lot easier to Hire remote Software Developers. However, finding the right fit for your team may take some time.

Companies have two hiring options, outsourcing and hiring on their own. Every company has a different choice, and it’s totally understandable as they know what’s best for their company. In this article, we will be providing you with information on how and where to find software developers—deciding which option to go with is each company’s independent choice.

How To Find the Best Candidates for Remote Positions in Software Developing

For a great outcome, you will obviously need great software developers. Therefore, your primary goal has to be hiring the smartest developer available.

You can assess the candidate by developing a test method. Hand them over sample tasks and see how they perform. Another point to ponder upon is to check their ability to work in a team. Also, check their talking ability. A shy developer won’t ever be able to deliver the product exactly as you want it. Shyness will prevail over their ability to ask questions.

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Furthermore, choose a candidate that is a good cultural fit for your current team.

Here is how you can make if a developer is a right fit for your company and team:

Define your goals

Before you decide on hiring someone, you have to make sure your goals are clear. Also, you need to decide what type of person you want to hire. Here are the two questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Does my company need a remote software developers? And would it be a good match?
  • Would my company benefit more from hiring an office-going remote software developer?

After you decide whether or not you want a remote developer, you will need to have a clear and precise job description. Deciding everything beforehand will help cut down the hiring process and will save you a lot of time. Moreover, a job description will help screen out candidates too.

Interview And Screen Candidates

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Interview Your Candidates

Interviewing is a great process to assess the communication skills of the candidates. Conducting an audio or video call will give you a clear overview of their soft skills, such as communication.

If they ace the interview, give them an invitation to come over and take a short assessment in person. In-person interaction will reveal their ability to make decisions and the ability to think outside the box.

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Essential Soft Skills to Look For

  1. Creativity
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Patience
  4. Communication
  5. Ability to learn
  6. Open-Mindedness
  7. Team Work

Where Can You Hire Software Developers

There are many good websites and companies that provide both freelance software developers as well as full-time.


Gaper.io has the top 1% of software engineers and developers. They have engineers from over 12 different countries around the world. The best part about gaper is that they provide two weeks of the trial period. You won’t be charged a single penny if the developer does not fit your needs and team.

You can hire an entire team or a single developer. That is completely your decision. Tell gaper, and they will make it happen. Moreover, everyone in gaper is aware of developing and programming. Hence, you are guaranteed to get the best match.


Toptal is another freelancing platform that connects developers with other companies. They claim to have the top 5% of freelance software engineers and developers. They get the top five percent by strictly screening all the candidates before letting them into their talent pool.

Their screening tests involve a language and personality test, timed algorithm testing, technical screening with other engineers and developers who are already registered on the platform.

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UpWork has freelancers available in other niches as well. However, they mainly have expert software developers and software engineers. All its users describe UpWok as super user-friendly.

Furthermore, the developers and engineers are required to upload a few work samples in order to be assessed and selected. In addition to that, when selected, the user can make an account on the website. Moreover, UpWork has a risk-free payment method which is why the clients and developers trust this platform more.

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Choose Good Remote Work Tools

After figuring out your employee needs and conditions, invest in some good communication tools. Good tools will help you conduct interviews better and will make meetings a lot feasible and easier. Many big companies use communication tools like Slack to keep their teams connected and updated on tasks. However, for frequent meetings or training, tools like skype and zoom are to be used.

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A single good decision won’t get you your desired software engineer. One has to keep all the factors in mind and choose the best candidate keeping all the factors mentioned above combined. Therefore, if you want the best for your company, consider all the steps mentioned above in the article.

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