October 16, 2021

A large-scale company has higher departmentalization that results in heavy expense management. Every department has costs to incur and proper tracking of the department expenses is mandatory. Unfortunately, the manual method is impossible as minute expenses are difficult to maintain leading to confusion and bewilderment. However, the procurement spend analysis tool is a savior in such a case.

Several departments and their functionality decide the expenses to be incurred on their operation. The digital & IT team manages every digital promotion and technicalities related to website development. With the advancement in technology, most of the organizations are turning to spend analysis and applying them to every department. It gives the exact cost incurred on every team and the transparency to cut and save costs.

Types of Expenses For Digital Marketing Team And Their Spent Analysis:

The expenses in a digital team are not that complex to analyze and interpret. Yet, a tool will give a clear picture of the expenses incurred and the scope to curtail unnecessary costs. A digital team has the following expenses to save and control in the organization.

Website Development Expenses:

It depends on the website hosting platform and the monthly/yearly package to host the website on its server. It is a fixed cost. However, if you are running multiple websites and purchased niche domain names, it is a huge expense that can cost up to lakhs.

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Your domain management system and related expenditure can be easily recorded in the spend analysis tool. Moreover, the digital marketing manager can decide on cost-saving strategies accordingly.

Expenses on Online promotion:

In the digital field, online promotions have two techniques; organic and paid. The organic promotion includes no cost whereas paid promotion gave cost involved. The list includes

  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads where campaign budget management is checked thoroughly)
  • Social Media Management (expenses on social promotion ads like lead generation, app installs, brand awareness etc.)
  • Online /Offline PR promotion expenses incurred every month
  • Expenses in Maintaining Online reputation Management (apart from organic)
  • Brand endorsement by influencers and celebrities
  • Expenses on video marketing/review generation

Such expenses are mandatory to track and a spend analysis procurement tool will show the complete digital expenses. The management can take decisions accordingly after analyzing the expense report from the tool

Expenses on Digital Marketing Tools:

The digital team must have high-end online tools to track their competitors and their performance. The expenses on these tools depend on the package type and utility of the tool. In general, the monthly packages are expensive compared to semi-annual or annual expenses. The proper track of such expenses will allow you to choose the best cost-effective tool.

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Are you a digital marketing agency? Want to make cost-effective expense decisions? You need to implement a procurement spend analysis tool/software that counts all expenses of every department. It analyses and classifies the data and helps you in making informed decisions to promote business online with less cost. Control your business spending and balance the race of expenses versus income.


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