Online Reputation Management
July 23, 2021

Online Reputation Management

Finding affordable SEO services is easy. But that service provider must provide you brand reputation management also. Are they providing it? Don’t worry if you don’t know how online reputation can be managed with SEO. We are here to help you all know about it.

You can easily use search engine techniques for your brand’s online reputation management. Below are some ways to do it. So without wasting the time, let’s start reading this amazing post. If you see anything missing in this post, then never hesitate to share it with us in the comment section. Following all these techniques you can save money. Maybe you don’t need affordable SEO services after this.

What Is Brand’s ‘s Online Reputation Management?

Firstly, let’s understand what is a brand’s online reputation management? ORM or online reputation management is used to present a brand image positively on the internet. A negative post or impression can ruin the whole image of a brand online. Companies use various other tactics to manage their brand image online. But one can do it with SEO also. We will learn about this technique in this post.


Ways To Manage Reputation Through SEO

Following are some ways to manage the business reputation through SEO. No matter if you are a business or a small SEO agency. You can use these ways for online brand management.

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#1. Be Discovered Everywhere

The very first purpose of using search engine optimization is to be discovered everywhere. As an online business or brand, you need to be discovered everywhere. SEO can help you do this. They can bring you up everywhere. Most commonly following are some popular places, where you should be available as a brand.

Search Engines

SEO can help you do it organically. But you can use PPC marketing to do this also. Your brand website must rank higher in relevant keywords. For example, if you are an eCommerce website selling baby products. Then you must rank higher on keywords like “baby products New York” or “Skincare baby products”, etc.

Social Media

Social media is also important for businesses. You must have an authentic image on social media. Make your positive presence on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Etc.

Some Offline Presence

Affordable SEO services will make your business visible to the world on the internet. But what about offline presence? Showing some kind of offline presence to the customers is also important in brand reputation.

#2. Get Reviews

According to an online survey, more than 80% of buyers read reviews online before buying anything. So reviews play a vital role in brand management. You can get your business, products, and services reviewed online. Following are the ways to do it.

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Ask Experts

Ask the expert review writers. There are always some websites that write reviews. Ask them to write more about your products and brands using the proper keywords.

Non-competing Brands

There are always some non-competing brands. Ask them to write something about your website or business on their website.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are more important. Give discounts to the customers, and get more positive reviews from them.

#3. Backlinks

Backlinks are not only to impress the search engine crawlers. Also, use these backlinks to impress the audience. Many affordable SEO services are providing backlinks generating services for the websites. It has a huge impact when your website link is on some other websites. It makes you look like an authentic brand.

#4. Show Up In Listings

There are many listings online and offline. Use these listings and SEO techniques to build a brand image. Get your business listed in these listings. Also, try to stuff your focus keywords into your website description. Following are some listings you can use to impress the customers.

●     Yellow Pages

●     Online Directories

●     Offline Directories

●     Google My Business

●      City Listing


#5. Press Releases

Do you have press releases for your online business? Publishing an optimized press release is important. Your brand image becomes more positive online. But your press releases must rank higher using SEO tactics. An agency with affordable SEO services can do this. Following are some ways to publish press releases.

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Release Your Own

You can publish press releases on your own. Just make a “Media” or “PR” section on your website to publish them.

Media Friends

Use your connections in the media industry. Ask them to write about your business online.

#6. Spread The Positivity

You have to make changes to your SEO strategies. Your SEO strategies should be spreading positivity all over the internet. If someone is publishing anything against your business. Then get it removed from their platform. Because a single negative impression can ruin your brand image.

#7. Branded Keywords

Maybe affordable SEO services don’t have such features. But you can hire some enterprise SEO agencies for this. Try to encourage people to search your brand name on Google or Bing. If your brand keyword is ranking high. Then Google will start showing it as a search suggestion. Then people will see your brand as an authentic one.

#8. About Us & Contact Page

It is always sure that people check your About Us and Contact US page before buying anything from you. You need to optimize the About us and contact us page more. An SEO agency with affordable SEO services can easily do it for you. Most businesses ignore this SEO tactic. But it is very important to do it for brand management.

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#9. Forums

There are thousands of forums on the internet. Find out the topics, threads, and questions about your brand or products. Encourage people to write more about your business using the focus keywords. Listen, using keywords is a necessity. Because such reviews will rank higher, and searchers will read more positive content about your brand.

Let’s Summarize It!

Many ways are there to optimize your business website along with brand management. You can easily hire an SEO agency with affordable ORM packages. Such agencies will help you optimize websites along with ORM. So try these ways to do this on your own or hire an agency. You can also use these ways for your clients if you are an SEO agency.


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