May 31, 2022

One reason that advertising images are so captivating is because of the professional skills that are employed. The ability to communicate a particular dimension of a subject through the lens cannot be understated. Our professionals at Kolonihaven have a deep knowledge of their equipment and the field of advertising photography and it is conveyed through their work.

Taking high-quality photographs – the kind that are used in marketing campaigns or to celebrate families – is easier when it’s well-planned. Lighting, for instance, is a difference-maker. Natural lighting works well for people, clothing and edible items. and is perfect for social media. Shooting when the sun is up but not super bright will ensure beautiful photos without solar glare. Studio lighting is better for products used indoors and small detail photos, like paintings.

Good photographers shoot with confidence  and determination. They know that over-editing means that they didn’t get the necessary shots. So, while formally trained in editing techniques, they strive to use their editing skills sparingly. The rule of thirds helps photographers to visualize what viewers see when they look at photographs. Likewise, shooting from various angles ensures that the photographer isn’t locked into one set of shots at the expense of other, potentially compelling, shots.

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At Kolonihaven, we have the equipment and expertise to arrange perfect scenarios for indoor and outdoor photography. Our rental studio in Oslo is perfect for creating all sorts of visual scenarios. Whether it’s headshots for your website or bodies in motion, Kolonihaven studios can accomplish any visual situation that our clients request.

Studio Hamstad

This Hastad-based studio strives to produce high-quality material that would be at home locally and globally. Their studio boasts the conditions to facilitate many types of productions and they revel in their ability to help clients capture their most dynamic ideas. If those client ideas call for remote locations, the professionals at Studio Hamstad have that covered, too. Studio Hamstad is recognized for its adapted and flexible production techniques as well as its relationships with web agencies and graphic designers.

Produktfotograf Stockholm

This studio specializes in delivering high-quality product photography for e-commerce products. With a vast knowledge of layout and digital production, the professionals at Produktfotograf Stockholm can capture premium images of your products either remotely or in the studio. From makeup to perfume to a branded backpack in the foreground with a beautiful vista in the background, this studio knows how to turn ordinary items into works of digital art.

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Studio Slakthuset

Studio Slakthuset prides itself on presenting your products in the right light. Based in Stockholm, the professionals at Studio Slakthuset boast over 30 years of experience, photographing everything from precious gems to giant vehicles and most everything in between. They utilize concepts of light and angle to highlight salient dimensions of the product, to better sharpen customers’ experience with that product.

If you want to make your photos look good, you need to get your hands on a great photo editing software. If you have that, then you can just follow the instructions and let the software do its thing. To download a photo editing software that can help your images look professional enough, please visit RARBG mirror.

We love the disparate looks that are achieved in advertising photography. Seemingly any feeling can be communicated and any image can be iconic. Recognizing the power of light and angle and employing not only the right equipment, but the right frame of mind, is essential to producing powerful photography.



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