February 22, 2022


Instagram is more than just a social media app. People use it to enhance their brand’s value and create engagement – many build and run eCommerce businesses with Instagram. It is a platform for any and every set of audiences.


Attracting the right audience becomes challenging in this world of chaos. Everyone goes through ‘try and test’ methods to find what suits their profile best. And, you are well aware of how algorithms work so, you plan your strategies accordingly. However, not every trick is beneficial in your trade – especially this year.


Going virtual brought a significant shift in audiences and influencers perspectives. So, what are the tricks you need to avoid? Read on to know.


Engaging in the groups


Sure, engaging in the groups that resonate with your profile is always great – but is harmful in the long run. You do meet like-minded people in the groups which improve the engagement rate. The downside to this is that you limit yourself to a specific set of people.


By not indulging in such activities, you actually give scope to gain exposure to a wider and more diverse set of audiences. Another way to drive the public to your profile is through email newsletters. Use GetEmail.io to find a person’s email on Linkedin and Gmail.

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Use the space right


The recent update on Instagram allows the user to upload the picture without automatically cropping it. In the name of creativity, many people either overuse or underuse the space given to them. It only distracts the audience from the actual message you wish to convey.


Using borders for a photograph or using the entire grids might seem ‘authentic’ – but not anymore. With borders, people can’t see the picture clearly. And by using grids, how many times do a person need to like for every part of the picture? The audience usually ends up not engaging with such posts.


A child’s game


What is with sharing your post on the story and hiding it behind a GIF? If a person follows you, they already find your post in their feed. Another point, people might not actually show interest in your ‘mysterious’ post-story. Thus, reducing the retention span of your story.


Another gimmick is to tag as many pages and people as possible. Maybe that was the thing in the past but, now you will seem desperate to be seen everywhere. Tag the location or the brand that you’re wearing/carrying. This calculated move will push the right audience to your gram.

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Final thoughts


Do not follow people only to unfollow them. It might seem like a smart move – but it isn’t! Another tip is not to use hashtags in your story.


The app has not upgraded enough to search/locate the stories using hashtags. You can use them for your posts and reels, though!


By knowing what you shouldn’t do, you now must have understood enough about what you should! So, get your thinking caps on and share your content uniquely and compellingly.



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