October 29, 2022

The leader of North Korea claimed that his country’s pupils performed poorly in the initial Asian qualifying round because of a lack of experience. Before everyone gets excited about the World Cup 2022 odds and fixtures, let’s talk about Vietnam’s status on the road to the tournament.

Retaining Coach Park Hang-seo

Given that the Korean strategist has recently led Vietnam to the third qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup, the agreement between Coach Park Hang-seo and VFF has yet again warmed up after a good tournament.

Park’s status has unquestionably improved thanks to his contributions to Vietnamese football. Potentially enticing invites from other nations and clubs could flood Park’s inbox.

Meanwhile, despite another contract extension in 2019, the South Korean captain’s time with Vietnam’s national football team is drawing to a close. The news about Park’s future has attracted a lot of interest from Vietnamese fans, and it has also caused some concern.

Vietnam’s national football team, coached by Park Hang-seo, is aiming to qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Asia by winning at least six points in their final three Group G matches. Securing a great World Cup 2022 odds is valuable for any nation wishing to make it in.

Extreme efforts

Looking at what Coach Park Hang-seo has done and what he has gotten so far, it is unlikely that the South Korean strategist will leave Vietnam after the second contract expires.

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The captain is pleased with life in his “second homeland” because of the many accomplishments he has achieved and the esteem in which he is held by his fans. Therefore, it is possible to secure Park’s approval for a subsequent extension of his stay in Vietnam beyond the end of the current contract.

However, there are a number of things that VFF must do to win over the South Korean coaches in order to get their approval; the plans, ambitions, and all the World Cup betting tips they’ve acquired so far for Vietnamese football over the next few years must take precedence.

The South Korean tactician has received numerous invites from other countries, and it is unlikely that higher goals and the same remuneration will be enough to keep him in South Korea. But Coach Park Hang-seo could be an exception to the rule. The South Korean skipper has prioritized doing something amazing for Vietnamese football.

Demanding more time

Park Hang-seo, the team’s coach, acknowledged that this is the first time Vietnam has advanced to the third qualifying round. He was forthright in his admission that more practice was required.

Four games in, Park has plenty to say about the referee’s inconsistency, including the suggestion that the referee should have assessed himself.

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Park claims that the numerous coaches’ decisions on the player selection are more influential than his own. They want to win; hence they focus on winning players when assembling a group. Mr. Park went on to say that it’s not just Cong Phuong who puts out an effort on the field.

The Korean head coach said that the hushed atmosphere continued even after the game ended. Maybe the players felt the same way about the ref. Park reassured his troops that they would face both Saudi Arabia and Japan many times in the future.

The Vietnamese squad remains in last place in Group B after losing 1-3 in the third qualifying round for the 2022 World Cup. After four bouts, Mr. Park’s instructors and students still have no points. The World Cup 2022 odds for the nation are becoming less and less likely.

Closing thoughts

Park may be enticed by a clear and detailed plan for the Vietnamese national team to attend the World Cup 2026 and the delegation of full authority to the South Korean coach. When Park achieves a goal, as any good coach should, he immediately sets his sights on the next best thing.

Consequently, VFF should establish objectives and priorities, and then begin to work on putting those objectives and priorities into action. If you wish to bet on the World Cup and check the latest Tỷ lệ cược world cup 2022, Soikeobongdavn is where you need to go!

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