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July 29, 2021

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit account lets you develop financial wealth by offering guaranteed returns of up to 6.75 percent, and due to the competitive Fixed Deposit Rates, it is the best Investment option. You can open a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit account with as little as 25,000. Your Fixed Deposit account provides you with a great deal of flexibility. While in other banks, you can open fixed deposit for 6 months but Depending on your investment goals, you can invest for a period of 1 year to 5 years in Bajaj Finance.

Is Fixed Deposit a suitable alternative or best investment option?

Fixed Deposit investments are the ideal investment option for non-risk investments looking for a safe investment path to saving. You can take advantage of one of the most outstanding Fixed Deposit rates, adjustable tenors, and select standard payment methods. As a result, Fixed Deposit is among the best risk-free investment solutions to help you save. In addition, with no impact of market volatility, you can earn the guaranteed value of the amount you invested.

Advantages of investing in Bajaj Finance

The advantages of investing in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit are beyond favourable interest Fixed Deposit Rates because most adjustable tenors, regular interest payments, self-renewal facilities, and uncomplicated Fixed Deposit lending can be achieved. 

Moreover, those under 60 years old are entitled, through online investment, to the most significant Fixed Deposit Rates of up to 6.60%. At the same time, senior persons can obtain a safe return of up to 6.75%, which is among India’s highest Fixed Deposit Rates. 

In addition to the advantage of increasing your funds with the most significant bank deposits rates in India, this guarantees a trouble-free investment experience and best investment option too.

Senior citizens receive an additional 0.25 percent interest rate.

Bajaj Finance has an excellent offer for senior citizens. Fixed Deposit accounts will get up to 0.25 percent higher fixed deposit interest rates than the current rates. So senior citizens can now enjoy amazing benefits and the actual value of their investment in Bajaj Finance.

How much interest I receive in five years?

One can increase your funds by more than 37 percent if you invest in Bajaj Financial Fixed Deposit for five years. Let us imagine that you have put Rs. 1,00,000 in a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit for five years to overcome this.

  • Non Senior Citizen who is applying offline will receive approx Rs 37009 at Fixed Deposit Rate of 6.50% with growth rate of 37.09%.
  • Non Senior Citizen who is applying online will receive approx Rs 37653 at Fixed Deposit Rate of 6.60% with growth rate of 37.65%.
  • Senior Citizen will receive approx Rs 38624 at Fixed Deposit Rate of 6.75% with growth rate of 38.62%.

What is FD minimum and highest tenor?

If you are investing in fixed deposits, you can also choose your tenor. For example, one can choose a tenor of 12 to 60 months & you can select the period of the regular payments if you decide to make regular payments. If you want a handsome return of your amount then you should not go for a fixed deposit for 6 month plan, which are offered by other financial institution.

Steps to open an online Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit account

  • Share your information and select a policy.

Complete the Fixed Deposit form with your individual and guarantor information, and then choose your Fixed Deposit volume, strategy category, and tenor.          

  • Documents must be uploaded.

Upload the necessary documentation to access a Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit account.

  • Put money into an FIXED DEPOSIT and sit back and relax.

When you’ve finished filling out your information and uploading your records, you can expect to be paid the Fixed Deposit amount and complete the online portal to open your Fixed Deposit wallet.

  • Tracking is available the whole day and even seven days a week.

You can easily track your Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit rates of return from anywhere and at any time.

Why Bajaj Finance is safe for investing and considers as best Investment option?

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CRISIL and ICRA FAAA ratings, which show the best security for your capital, are provided by the Bajaj Finance FIXED DEPOSIT. In addition, CRISIL and ICRA have assigned Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit high stability ratings. 

Highest-stability financers suggest secure investment and assure that you receive your returns promptly, with no default on the issuer’s side.

This implies that your money is in good hands. So, invest your hard earned money in the best Investment option with higher Fixed Deposit rates.


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