June 17, 2022

Whenever someone wishes to purchase a top-notch device that has features and functionalities that promise a boost in productivity, their first choice is a Mac. Apple’s Macs are top-tier devices that facilitate users to perform any computational task easily. Furthermore, the super-polished operating system of Macs, i.e., macOS, is designed to cater to every need of users. It packs tons of top-tier native utilities that facilitate users to perform numerous activities easily. Even though Macs feature aggressive price tags, it is safe to say they are worth every dime spent.


What further adds to the power and brilliance of Macs is that Apple releases a major update annually and keeps rolling out frequent patch updates to ensure users have a bug and error-free experience. According to Apple, the latest macOS Ventura update will bring tons of exciting new features such as improved native utilities, including a new Mail app and a revamped Spotlight utility. Moreover, the update will enhance Safari in numerous ways to provide users with a top-tier browsing experience. Thanks to the seamless hardware and software combo of Macs, there are multiple ways following which users can enhance their productivity. Thi article will cover some effective tips and tricks using which Mac users can simplify their productivity while working. Let us dive right into it:

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  • Show Active Applications on your Mac’s Dock


While working, you need to emphasize all your focus on the task at hand, and hence, you should consider getting rid of all sorts of distractions. One of the most effective ways to prevent yourself from getting distracted by other utilities and apps on your Mac is to enable the feature where your device’s Dock only shows active applications.


macOS’s Dock is built-in functionality home to numerous applications and utilities. It is generally at the screen’s bottom and facilitates users to access innumerable apps without hassle. However, a cluttered Dock can significantly hinder a user’s productivity and focus. Hence, macOS offers users numerous options to hide the inactive apps on the Dock. macOS users can navigate to their device’s Dock Preferences section in the System Preferences utility and enable the feature that prohibits the Dock from showing inactive apps. Besides this, users can also opt to use a powerful third-party application like Almighty that facilitates users with the option to enable the feature with a single click. Enabling the option to show only active apps on the Dock can significantly enhance a user’s productivity.


  • Batch Rename Multiple Files at Once


If your job requires you to work with multiple files daily, managing them can become quite a hassle. However, macOS allows users to manage files by renaming multiple ones easily. If you want to bulk rename Mac files, you can do so in numerous ways. For instance, Renamer is a great utility you can use to rename multiple files at once. Moreover, you can also use the powerful application to change a keyword, add sequential numbers, etc. By dragging the files onto the app and following a few simple steps, you can easily rename multiple files at once. Doing so will save you from the hassle of renaming each file manually and save tons of time.

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If you prefer using a native macOS utility to get the job done, you can use Finder. All you need to do is select the files you wish to rename, click on the three dots, select rename, determine the naming format, enter the name and select the “Rename” option. Renaming multiple files at once is a great way of enhancing productivity and saving time. Hence, whenever you need to rename more than one file, it would be best if you use the batch-renaming feature.


  • Use Keyboard Shortcuts


Out of all the productivity features macOS offers, default keyboard shortcuts are one of the most used ones. If you own a Mac and wish to use the device more productively while working, it would be best to try implementing keyboard shortcuts in your workflow. Using keyboard shortcuts facilitates users to perform any activity quickly and more efficiently. macOS offers keyboard shortcuts for performing both easy and complicated tasks. For instance, you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform basic actions, such as copying text from a place and pasting it in another place, and more complex ones, such as accessing applications and menus. Moreover, you can also use the dedicated function keys present on your Mac to perform numerous functions easily. For instance, if you wish to adjust your screen’s brightness or adjust any playing media’s volume, all you need to do is press the respective function key to get the job done.

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Apple’s Macs are sturdy and robust devices that facilitate users to perform highly-demanding tasks with ease. If you use a Mac as your daily driver for work, implement the productivity tips mentioned above to save time and get more work done.




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